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IOS 14.5 update: iPhone users can block apps from tracking

Apple has just released an iOS 14.5 software update for its iPhones. The new update comes with various features to improve user experience. However, Apple has also introduced a few privacy features that appear on iPhones with a new update.

IPhones on iOS 14.5 will now be able to stop apps from tracking them. Apple has introduced more control over Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). IDFA provides advertiser user information that can be used by the application developer but cannot be traced back to certain ownership.

Apps on iPhones and iPad will now begin to ask users for permission to use IDFA. Like pre-privacy scams, which asked for permission to access location and contacts, applications will now explicitly request permission to use IDFA.

How to use the new privacy feature

The new feature comes with an update of iOS 14.5. The user can confirm that they are working on the latest update by going to ‘Settings’ and then tapping ‘General’ and then clicking on ‘Software update’.

Once the version is confirmed, they have two main options. An easy option to stop all apps from tracking their online activity. To accomplish this, the user will need to enter ‘Settings’ and then click ‘Privacy’ and enter the ‘Tracking’ sub-menu. At that point the user can change the ‘Allow Applications to Track Tracking’.

Under the second option, applications will use hackers to directly request permission to track user data with the help of IDFA. User can approve or deny his request within the pop up.

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