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Instagram works with new stickers, Star Wars themes

Instagram works with a host of new news stickers and chat themes. There is a new link sticker that will allow users to add links directly to the news, as well as a ‘Super Mention’ sticker. Instagram is also working on new Star Wars themes for conversations in Direct Message (DM).

New stickers and discussion themes have been spotted by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi (via Social Media Today). The new link sticker will allow users to add news links that viewers will be able to touch and go directly to that web page. This feature is likely to be special for accounts with over 10k followers who currently have access to the ‘swipe up’ feature. This allows Instagram users to add a link to their stories but viewers have to swipe to open that page. A visual link can be a better call to action. While it seems unlikely that all users will get a new link sticker, Instagram will still make the same.

There is also a new Super Mention sticker in the works. As the name suggests, this feature will probably show the account most prominent in the news. It also has a shopping tag icon that can mean easy access to the products the business sells on Instagram.

Instagram also works on two new StarWars chat themes. The new themes are expected to be released on or about May 4 also known as Star Wars Day. New themes are expected to chat on Instagram as there are currently only a few to choose from. The only chat franchise theme Instagram has is the Tiny Tan BTS collection.

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