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Instagram for launching ads on Reels: Report

Instagram also started showing ads in the form of reels. The photo sharing platform will be showing ads within the ‘Reels’ feature. The organization has begun testing ads for this feature in selected countries such as India, Brazil, Germany and Australia, showing itself among the most common content posted by users.

The Mashable report states that ads on Instagram Reels can be up to 30 seconds long and will have the same vertical and full-screen design as normal uploads on ‘Reels’. Earlier, the platform used ads in their News feature. However, unlike Instagram Story ads, ads on Instagram Reels can be commented on, liked, stored and shared again.

Facebook also said that in the coming weeks, it will begin testing custom sticker ads on Facebook Stories between a handful of creators and advertising partners. These stickers will allow developers to modify their Accounts as they will earn revenue from sales made by them. They will be organized by brands and manufacturers will have the opportunity to use them in their accounts no matter how they like high engagement.

Facebook is also launching a worldwide trial of In-Transfer Video Basically, in-stream ads that have produced video titles to help businesses find the right video to advertise their products and services. Initially, Facebook will provide 20 articles and 700 sub-headings, making it easier for organizations to identify the right recordings that can generate significant revenue and engagement.

The report of additional advertising channels on Facebook also comes as Apple is set to do something that could reduce access to targeted ads, Mashable reports.

The Apple Tracking Transparency Tool, which will require applications to obtain user consent before tracking information on other companies’ apps and websites, is set to be released next week as part of software updates.

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