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Indian applications reach 97% of TikTok user standards

Home short video apps, including MX Takatak, Moj, Roposo and Josh, hit about 97% of the once active TikTok users, less than a year after the Chinese app ban in India.

According to consultants, Redseer, India’s short form applications retained TikTok subscribers of 65-70%, with promoters, and added another 30-35% new users last year.

The report, Short-form video- The Rise of Made in India digital content, said new users in short-form video applications mostly came from 2 cities, with 60% of the total number of users representing these regions.

After aggressive marketing and focusing on traditional content, daily active users of the short form video industry returned to the levels of June 2020, just before the ban on TikTok. However, users’ time spent on short form video has reached only 55% of the June 2020 levels, Redseer said.

Currently, users who work every day spend about 30 minutes on average in short video apps. “In less than a year the TikTok ban, Indian courts have shown a strong V-revitalization, reverting to almost 100% of the pre-ban for daily users. This shows how platforms can design a product, make their own plans and sell it aggressively in a very short time. This is a powerful indication of how India’s digital environment has grown over the past few years, “said Ujjwal Chaudhry, a colleague of Redseer Consulting.

Chaudhry said that despite this growth, Indian players will still reach international and non-cooperative scales through engagement and retention, which is expected to increase the ability to make money with the environment.

India’s short video apps are also looking to contribute to social trading on their platforms, with the aim of making money on an ongoing basis, Redseer said.

According to a survey conducted by administrative executives, approximately 75% of short-form video users are more likely to stick to these home apps and are unlikely to return to Chinese apps even if the ban is lifted.

The popularity of short-tempered video platforms in tier-2 cities promotes local language content, coupled with the availability of influences and types of entertainment content such as comedy and dance.

About 50% of users’ ‘availability of influence’ continues to be a very important condition before signing up for the platform.

Redseer’s research has focused on major Indian short-form applications including Josh, Moj, MX Takatak and Roposo, which have become increasingly recognizable among user sets.

In the performance of the platform, Josh of Dailyhunt leads both in impact performance and end user, driven by strong performance in the Indian band and in tier-2 cities, while Shajj’s Moj has seen strong adherence to other markets, especially in southern India. Roposo has shown strong performance in tier-1 cities, compared to its peers.

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