Here are some useful Instagram features you may not know

Instagram manager Adam Mosseri has been sharing occasionally with app features that can help users. This week Mosseri shared an Instagram feature called “well-thought-out design details in the app.”

These features highlighted by Mosseri are not completely new, and have been in the app for some time. But they are very useful, and longtime Instagram users may also not know or forget about them. The first feature is trickery, and that long presses the Check tab to search. This button is available as a magnifying glass icon in the bottom bar of the app. You can long press it, and it will take you directly to the search page.

The next feature will be useful for people using two Instagram accounts. You can double-tap the profile tab on Instagram to switch accounts. This is actually a very new feature among those mentioned. Your profile icon is located in the menu bar in the lower left corner. This feature can be added to people with two accounts, and they need to switch constantly between the two.

The following two features are probably the most common for Instagram users. If you scroll through your feed, and wish to return to the top, just tap the home icon. Another feature is to press and hold the News stop. The last feature Mosseri mentioned is how to view posts without opening them. For this also, you will have to press and hold the icon on the Check tab.

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