Google wants to change the global ads, the structure, the anti-trust operations

Google has said it will make changes to its global ads are for companies, not to abuse its dominant position, and, for the first time, giving in to the anti-trust pressure in a landmark contract with the French government.

The agreement, which was announced on Monday, will see the Google to pay a fine of eur 220 million ($268 million), then the first in the united states, the tech giant agreed to changes to its huge advertising business, which generates most of its revenue.

“The decision to impose sanctions on the Google is of particular importance because it is the first ruling in the world to be a complex algorithmic auction, the procedures are based on the companies that are advertising on the Internet,” said Isabel de Silva, head of the French competition authority.

The Watchdog found that Google’s advertising platform for the major publishing houses on Google Ad Manager, gave the preference to their on-line advertising on Google in Common, in which the publisher, selling, real-time ad space.

Ad Manager to provide Regular strategic information as to the winning bidder, while the Regular use of non-privileged access to the ad-survey, via Google’s advertising services, the agency said.

Commonly, in turn, the exchange of data, from the birth of the Manager is more flexible than other platforms, management, marketing, advertising, watchdog reports. These platforms are important for publishers to manage and sell ad space.

According to the terms and conditions of this agreement, Google’s goal is to improve the efficiency of the Ad, the Manager of the competition posts with the advertising server and a platform for the sale and advertising of the realm, a French patrol station, the PSA said in a statement. Some of the changes have been made, they have to be done in 2022, the report says, adding that Google is not going to appeal against this decision.

Google also said that it has agreed to reduce the publishers, the use of data and tools.

“We have carried out the development of these changes over the next few months, before you add them to a greater extent, on a global scale,” says the company.


Many publishing companies around the world, is infuriated by the advertising services which are used by tech giants, and their success depends on, it is a gold mine of information that has been gathered over the years.

Most of our sales are posted in the ads, and YouTube ads. However, in the last year, an estimated $ 23 billion in aid for the publishers to sell ads, which makes the anti-trust controls the tie-up is the core business, and the challenges of some of the critics of the break-up of those of the company.

French finance Minister Bruno Le Maire welcomed by the anti-trust decision.

“Google’s practices, in favor of advertising, the impact of pressure groups, and its business model, which to a large extent depend on advertising revenues,” he said.

“This is a serious experience, and it’s the right to be punished.”

The French government has said that it paves the way for the publisher, feel aggrieved to seek damages from Google.

He started his research career in 2019, following a complaint from News Corp, France’s Le Figaro, news publishing, and in Rossel, press on behalf of the group.

Three of the publishers, will immediately responded to a request for comment.


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