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Google Search finds problem which is a practical one

Google Search has been updated with tools that aim to make learning easier. New Google Search features are available worldwide in English. Google plans to add multilingual support in the future.

Google added instant access to over 2,000 STEM ideas in Search. Now when you search for scientific and mathematical concepts such as “chemical bonds”, Google Search will display a variety of tabs with examples, videos, practice problems, and videos. Speaking of which, the problems of familiarity also add new ones that will appear in search results. “This interactive feature tests your knowledge of high school topics, chemical topics and physics directly in Search,” Google said in a blog post.

Google will also showcase learning resources from education providers such as BBC Bitesize, Byjus, Careers360, Chegg, CK12, Education Questions, Upt Grade, Great Minds, Kahoot !, OpenStax, Toppr, i -People and more. Google Search AR also has support for over 200 chemistry, biology, physics, and anatomy concepts.

Google Search will also help with homework mathematical equation problems such as “x ^ 2-3x-4 = 0”. The Google Lens app also has a math problem section where you can scan the problem and will show you a step-by-step guide on how to solve it. Google claims to be backing up a wide range of statistics by working with Symbolab, Mathway, and Tiger Algebra.

Google plans to give users access to complex STEM questions again. It will add support for STEM queries such as “0.50 moles of NaCI spill in 2.5 L of water, what’s the size?” in the coming weeks. It will also show guided resources for those complex subjects.

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