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Google Play Store is experiencing a major update navigation

Google is experiencing a revamp design, also the largest since the Material Design theme in 2019 and Dark Mode. Currently, it has new roaming and advanced settings options. The biggest change you’ll see in the new version is that Google has finally removed the hamburger menu in the top left corner. Now, more features will be displayed when you tap on your avatar displayed inside the circle in the top right corner. This is the same style we have seen in Google Photos, Gmail and more.

In the same way, other accounts will appear when you tap on the avatar and see a drop. Below, you can see the status of Google Play Points in the progress bar. Below you will find a host of customizable options such as my apps and games, library, payment and subscriptions, Play Protect, notifications and offers, Play Pass, settings and help and feedback.

As seen by 9to5Google, the ‘My Apps and Games’ options remain unchanged but ‘Library’ now adds links to your wishlist, Movies & TV and books. The ‘Payments and Subscriptions’ option does not have all the tabs under one page for easy access.

The settings page has also been updated with many integrated options: General, User Controls, Family and About.

It is worth adding that some users have been seeing this revamp since the last few weeks but Google now seems to be releasing it more widely and just in time for this to reach all Android users around the world.

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