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Google offers millions of vaccines and online PSAs online

Google announced a series of pledges on Thursday to support and promote coronavirus drugs worldwide, including $ 250 million in advertising grants for vaccinated groups.

Through its humanitarian arm, Google will pay 250,000 rifles to “low and middle countries,” according to Google partner Gavi, a charity that focuses on the distribution of the vaccine.

Google also makes $ 2.5 million of anti-piracy sites and related efforts in Black, Latino communities and rural U.S. The $ 250 million grant will pay more than 2.5 billion public immunization announcements, according to a blog from Karen DeSalvo, Google’s chief medical officer.

Google has hired DeSalvo, a former Obama administration, and other medical veterans in the new health sector and a division of Alphabet Inc. has taken a number of community steps to combat the epidemic. The company has organized search results online with questions about the virus and provided vaccines in Google Maps. In March 2020, Google pledged $ 800 million in aid to the epidemic for leading and health advertising agencies.

However, the company’s video arm, YouTube, has been criticized for broadcasting videos questioning Covid-19 drugs. Google’s tracking efforts have not been widely used by the government and the Covid-19 pilot project from Verily, Alphabet’s health department, ended in California in less than a year.

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