Google is back in the global advertising model for a $268 million in fines.

Google has agreed to pay for the 220 million euros ($268 million) and the change in the way of her work in the whole world, and by then France was determined to finally strike at the heart of the power of online adverts.

France’s anti-trust agency said on Monday that the US tech giant is using its dominance over the ad, sales, and purchases platform in order to distort the market to its advantage, damage, injury, publishers of the News Corp

“Google has used its vertical integration to distort the process,” Isabelle de Silva, who leads France’s Autorité de la concurrence, said at a news conference in Paris on Monday. He described Google’s conduct as “extremely serious.”

This is a unique look into the black box of the search, where Google will automatically calculate and suggest the advertisers and the publishers ‘ inventory, and when the user clicks on a web page. Google has also pledged to resolve the situation, to ensure that Google is the Advertising Manager of the service will function more smoothly is to make third party applications available.

De Silva has stated that Google intends to implement some of these responsibilities on a global scale.

A separate event,, Google, Apple, Inc., and Facebook, Inc. The French anti-trust authorities are starting to go towards the competitive advertisement of behavior on the Internet. Google, the problem is over, and so is the Facebook of the past week, trying to avoid making a commitment to appease the regulators.

Google said in a blog post that it “is committed to actively working with regulators around the world, in order to improve our products.” The company said that it is the will to try and develop, conduct, and of the changes which have been agreed upon as part of the solution in the next couple of months.

The question of whether Google’s complaints, and provided the start of 2019 by News Corp, the French newspaper, Le Figaro, and of the media company, Groupe Rossel, la Voix, SA. Le Figaro, and decided to withdraw from the case in November 2020.

“For a number of years, there has been a fear to take over, on this platform, because they are very strong,” de Silva said on Monday. He added that he fully expects to ask for any damage caused will have to be fed, and then be resolved.

In this case, in which the results of research, which is published by the French competition authority, in the year 2018, after carrying out the business of research, that is, an ad that will attract the attention of the power of Google and Facebook.

In the past, Google has already attracted the attention of the French anti-trust authorities, through the search for fining it $ 150 million euros in 2019. The system of the searches, and liable to be fined for about a week, in order to question the fact that he has carried out the orders of his, the news service.

The French settlement is the latest in a series of experiments, a crackdown to reduce Silicon Valley’s dominance in the market throughout the continent. Last week, Google’s news service was in German, and in spite of it all. The EUROPEAN union and the united kingdom, has launched an investigation into Facebook’s use of certain advertisers.

Before the landmark of the g-7, tax, transaction at the end of last week, the tech company is also facing more scrutiny for their tax affairs, including the criticism that they are not paying their fair share, despite the solid sales in the region.


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