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Google Chrome will allow quickly view recently closed tabs

Ten years ago, Internet browsing meant that more users would open a few Internet Explorer tabs on their desktop computers and browse a few websites before closing their dial-up dialogs to prevent high Internet debt. Not so today, with unlimited broadband programs and multiple computers allowing users to keep several tabs open. This gives users another challenge – remembering recently closed tabs.

Google’s Chrome browser has added several new features and functionality over the past few years, searching for open tabs, segmenting security browser processes and much more. The browser is now adding another useful feature – the ability to quickly view your recently closed tabs, without having to go through your entire Chrome history. Let’s take a look at how the new feature works.

According to the Gerrit Code Review program, when all new code coming into the Chromium open source browser is listed, the company plans to integrate the ability to view recently closed tabs in an existing tab search function. This already applies to Chrome Canary builds, and users don’t even have to open any Chrome flags or settings in order to use the feature.

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Users who want to try out the feature can download the latest version of Chrome Canary, which should currently be version 91, then open the browser and open Google, Facebook and other favorite sites on various tabs and close everything but after a few seconds. They can then select a search tab icon (see icon at the top left such as the arrow) and find everything if it’s just your recently closed tabs. All you have to do is click on them to return it. The feature should finally make its way to users if Google decides to release it in a stable version of Chrome in the future.

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