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Google Chrome explores global media controls

Reports say Google is testing the music controls of Chrome and Chrome OS browsers that will allow users to control the video playback in the background. Google updates the music controls to include a scratch bar and art / icon for a song or video playing in the background. The company has not yet officially confirmed the new features yet, but this is expected to be released with the v.91 Chrome update expected to be released by the end of May.

These new features were shared on Reddit by U / Leopeva64-2 and were first spotted by Android cops. These new music controls are hidden behind the flag, according to reports, and can be activated via chrome: // flags / # global-media-controls-modern-ui. The most important additions to the music controls are the background art and scratch bar. These changes are the same for the Chrome browser and Chrome OS and users can pin the music player between the hub and phone in the task bar. These new versions can be uninstalled with Chrome 91 but until that happens, you can check them out in Chrome Canary.

Apart from this, Google announced last month that it would begin testing Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) as an alternative to cookies in its Chrome browser and that drew a lot from the likes of DuckDuckGo and Brave – both critics of Google’s new tracking system and asked people to block it.

FLoC is an integral part of the Google Sandbox Chrome project and works locally. It separates the user browsing method and gathers like-minded users together in a collection. These collections will be used to target ads.

Google has also announced that the Chrome 89 for Android update will bring performance improvements and fewer applications, will launch it faster and start at 13% faster than before.

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