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Google Assistant can now find your phone, no order to take

Google released a major update to its visual assistant, Google Assistant, on Wednesday. The company has released that which not only empowers users to access their smartphones but also orders release orders among others.

Here are all the features that Google has come up with for help:

Get your iPhone

Google Assistant allows a smart Nest speaker or smart display to access users’ smartphones by simply saying, “Hello Google, find my phone.” Today the company announced that users will now be able to access their iPhones using Google Assistant. Once you’ve opted in to receiving critical alerts and alerts from the Google Home app, you’ll receive a notification and hear custom ringtones.

Get your pick up quickly

Google Assistant can now help users complete their take orders. To use this feature, users will first need to find the nearest restaurant from the Google app on Android and then select “Order online” or “Order Pickup.” When they complete their online order from Google partner partners and click on “check out,” Assistant will automatically navigate to the site and fill out your contact details and payment details stored in Google Pay and synced with Chrome Autofill. This feature is available in selected US chains. Google has said it will add more restaurants to the United States by the end of the year.

Sunrise and Sunset routes go around the world

Google today announced that its sunrise and sunset options are now available worldwide. The company said the routes are based on the location of users. To use this feature select the standard “New” tab in the Google Home app or in the help settings> under “How to get started” tap the “add start” option and select “Sunrise / sunset”> from there, you can customize the time again. certain actions you want them to cause.

Ready-made procedures

Google also releases custom-assisted cycles that enable users to automate multiple actions simultaneously with a single command. The company said it has included a section dedicated to Ready-Made Routines to highlight popular “suggested actions” to encourage users. Users can also add a “shortcut” icon to their Android home screen with their favorite channels.

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