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Founders of Chingari started Fireside, alternative Clubhouse

The founders of the Chingari app on Tuesday announced the launch of Fireside, a new noisy social media platform. The platform is available as a public beta on both iOS and Android.

The concept of Fireside is similar to the popular Clubhouse, available so far for iOS users only. Users can record live audio moments on the platform. The interface is also similar to Clubhouse and Twitter posts. In addition to the basic audio-related features, the platform has a group feature. It is similar to WhatsApp Groups but in a voice format. The stadium will also be available in various Indian languages.

“The epidemic has filled insecurity and isolation, leaving people longing to connect with people. The fireside makes users listen to the voice of their loved ones by closing emotional gaps, leaving them emotionally and connected. and local needs, ”said Sumit Ghosh, CEO and Co-Founder, by the river.

“To emulate the diversity of a country like ours, there needs to be an equal social forum that includes people who cannot read and write. With the fireside, even those with little education, can open their minds to the world, ”added Aditya Kothari, founder of another, fireside.

Audio-based social media platforms, especially Clubhouse, are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Although only iOS is exclusive, Clubhouse has acquired a significant user base and an estimated value of $ 4 billion in the first year of launch. The popularity of the Clubhouse has also led companies such as Twitter (Spaces) and Facebook to double what they offer with listening. In addition to Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit’s popularity also creates audio-driven products.

In India, apps like Leher are trying to donate another dash to the Clubhouse. According to Fireside, the platform will receive Push from Chingari, which is a different Indian route than TikTok.

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