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Facebook tweaks ad tools before Apple’s privacy changes

Facebook Inc said on Wednesday it was making changes to its advertising tools to keep up with the forthcoming privacy updates by Apple Inc, which reduces the effectiveness of the data collection features used by advertisers.

The world’s largest telecommunications company has been embroiled in controversy over Apple’s ‘App Tracking Transparency’ feature, which is expected to come with the latest iPhone software update next week, which allows users to block advertisers from following them on various programs.

Apple claims to protect data privacy rights, but faces criticism from Facebook, app developers and business startups who rely on advertising tracking.

Facebook said on Wednesday the changes to its advertising tools would limit the options for targeted audiences and how the success of an ad campaign is measured.

The company said it was investing in privacy promotion technology to reduce the amount of data collected from users.

Facebook and Apple have also disrupted iPhone charging fees for apps listed on iOS devices, and the communications company supports younger developers most affected by the policy.

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