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Facebook is starting to test ads on Instagram Reels

Facebook Inc on Thursday said it would start testing ads on its TikTok clone Instagram Reels in India, Brazil, Germany and Australia, as the social media giant aims to make money with its short video feature.

The company wants to exploit its popularity in India, a fast-growing telecommunications market, while its rival TikTok has been banned in the country since last year. Facebook has said it plans to explore other features in India, such as allowing content creators to share Reels videos on their Facebook accounts.

The launch of the ads “is an indication of how strong the pressure is on Reels,” said Carolyn Everson, vice-president of the global business group on Facebook, in an interview. Everson declined to share the metrics for the use of Reels.

As with other content on Reels, ads can be up to 30 seconds long and users may choose to skip ads, Facebook said.

Facebook also announced on Thursday that it would allow advertisers to select content categories for videos they want to place ads on, such as videos about children and parenthood, pets or pets or fitness and exercise.

Effort is Facebook’s biggest step at the moment to allow products to advertise alongside content headings. Advertisers use Facebook to target specific users for their interests.

“This is a big deal for advertisers,” Everson said.

Facebook has added that it will begin testing Facebook news sticker ads in the coming weeks. The products can create stickers that the creators will put on their stories, and the promoters will get a cut on any sales made with sticker ads.

This feature is part of Facebook’s push to court content creators who are making more and more money from fans and fans through platforms such as the Clubhouse audio chat program and affiliate site Patreon.

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