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Dolby, Hungama Music on bringing premium audio experience to Indian listeners

Dolby recently announced that she is working with Hungama Music to integrate Dolby Atmos with a music streaming service. Through this collaboration, Hungama Music users with devices supported by Dolby Atmos will be able to listen to music through this technology. It is available to both free and paid Hungama Music users.

Both companies have also conducted research in partnership with Kantar to understand the need for premium music education among Indian audiences. The survey found that 89% of respondents believed that premium audio quality was important while broadcasting music on their phones. It also found a distinct difference between listeners and their perception of a premium audio experience. According to 70% of respondents, a premium audio experience means non-ad-contained content. At less than 60% of them, it means better clarity, depth, song details, and real-world experience.

Dolby Atmos is widely available in the range of Smartphones from different price points starting from ₹ 10,000. Also available on iPhones. Technology is designed “to bring a whole range of sounds with great subtlety and nuance that seems to extend beyond your headphones.”

In making democracy a listening experience in the smartphone industry, Pankaj Kedia, Managing Director, Emerging Markets, Dolby Laboratories said, all our customers. Globally, essential OEM mobile phones use this technology so Dolby Atmos can be present on many of the phones released annually by our OEM partners. ”

“As a brand we are focused on making sure our technology is accessible to everyone. Dolby Atmos is already a common household name in India and is available in all three cases of cinema use, living room and travel experience. India is one of the largest smartphone markets in Dolby, our aim is to expand and introduce Dolby Atmos to as many consumers as possible, ”he added.

Hungama Music is Dolby’s first affiliate broadcasting service for Dolby Atmos Music. The company also works to educate consumers about this audio technology. “We are also working with Hungama to educate consumers about Dolby Atmos Music and how it can improve their listening skills and deepen their emotional connection to their favorite tracks. With our ongoing campaign – Dolby Everywhere, we wanted to make a profit for end customers and show how the protagonist enjoyed his favorite music at Dolby Atmos on the Hungama Music app, while on the go, ”said Kedia.

In price-sensitive markets such as India, consumers are often looking for expensive products and services. The Premium audio experience can be prioritized but users are becoming more and more aware of it. “About 90 to 95% of licensed music in the country is available on all music streaming platforms, without exception. Similarly, prices and plans are also the same on board. In such a case, the experience where the platform is able to provide its users becomes a key divider. Audio quality, technology, interface, content recommendations and personalization can make the platform stand out from the rest and drive trends, ”said Siddhartha Roy, COO, at Hungama Digital Media.

Roy also pointed out that Hungama Music is the first streaming service to offer music videos in the app, and a loyalty program where users can earn coins for everything they do. It has now become the first to donate Dolby Atmos.

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