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Digital segregation has been exacerbated by the epidemic

The digital divide in India is underscored by the coronavirus epidemic, Infosys cofounder and chairman Nandan Nilekani said in a series of selected interviews with Anant Maheshwari, president, Microsoft India, held about Tuesday.

“We need to make sure that everyone is able to participate in the digital ecosystem.

He cited the Aadhaar example which gives everyone a unique digital identity. Not only that, the digital payment system is designed in such a way that people with phones can also benefit from using Aadhaar as a guarantee.

Technology is the only way to reach 1.3 billion people in the country and provide access to quality health care, education, and financial services, Nilekani said.

“While cloud-like technologies can help create awesome infrastructure, data and artificial intelligence can help deliver better learning outcomes, bank loans, and health diagnoses,” he added.

Digital capability is a step towards closing the digital divide in the country, Maheshwari said.

As part of this, Microsoft Corp. has helped more than 30 million people in 249 countries and territories to access digital skills, nearly three million from India, Maheshwari said. This sets its first goal of $ 25 million last June. Microsoft is also expanding its commitment to help 250,000 companies worldwide hire skills by 2021.

The announcement, made in March this year, builds on Microsoft’s efforts to help people by extending free LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Learn courses and cost-effective certificates in line with the ten most needed jobs by 2021.

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