Covin, information was hacked? In general, Says the hacking of the Reports Appear to be Wrong, MeitY, to Investigate the

The union health Ministry on Friday said in a report in the impossible case of a breach of the complaints of the information related to the vaccination status and the personal data of 150 million Americans, the prima facie case was wrong, after a report of a breach of information, like electricity, and the earlier in the day.

On Friday, however, a website called the Dark of the Leak, the Market has reported that the sales of the database of the immune COVID-19 the users, for the price of $ 800, was listed on the site, according to a report by Moneycontrol. Even though the site said it had a “pre-leaking of information, there is said to have the information, and, on the basis of the $ 150 million people, including your name, Aadhaar number and their location, according to the report.

10: 34 pm, on Friday, the Minister of state for Health and family welfare, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, tweeted Reports that the CoWIN platform has been hacked, prima facie, seem to be fake. Because of the excessive free time, the Emergency Response Team of the Ministry of Electronics and information, or the MeitY) is to look into the matter. Information to claim provocation, the location of the receivers, and it is not even a single Co., LTD.”

“All of the information about the # CoWIN is stored in a secure, digital environment, and that are not shared by anyone outside of it, Dr. Harsh Vardhan said in a follow-up tweet. However, the independent security researcher Rajshekhar Rajahariya, wrote on Twitter that the CoWIN portal was indeed hacked, but that the allegation of a data breach, on the platform, a dark portal that is claimed to be the “sell” of the data) were, in fact, a “bitcoin is fake”.

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Rajahariya also wrote on Twitter that the images, which is said to be” leaked “documents on the web site of the earlier of the fake leak of data where, for example, the concept of” Mobikwik hack that he claims is non-existent on the Internet and SBI YONO, never to be the victim of a serious and well-known crimes. “This market is often publish false information leaks, and deceive the people. They only take bitcoin too, ” he said, adding that, in contrast to the information available, to authenticate.

However, a lawyer, and, IFF you are the chief Apar Gupta, urged caution in expressing what you need to, the Emergency Response Team (Cert-in), India’s state-Intervention, and then checked and verified the issue. It is also noted that Cowan did not have an applicable privacy policy in advance of the June 2, the Delhi High Court gave the instruction. “We have to resist the temptation to give in to completely deny. To study, check it out! ” he wrote on Twitter on Friday night. After the Gupta retweeted Rajahariya statement that the leak was in a game, who said “it’s really the attention to speeches by a provider. We are in need of a duty to be in breach of the notice.


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