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Best Earphones Under Rs. 500 With Best Bass & Sound Quality

1. BoAt BassHeads 152 (with Mic , Metallic , Angled jack , 10mm Drivers)


Image Source: Amazon.in

Reasons to Buy:

1. Cable fabricated from terribly extremely quality which might last for very long time.

2. Mic offered works okay for Hussle-free occupation for long length of your time.

3. Sound quality offered is incredibly pleasant with further bass.

4. The sound offered is sort of loud to relinquish you higher expertise in rackety surroundings.

5. Metal finish with angulate jack.

2. JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones (with Mic ,  Plastic looks , 8.6mm Driver.)

JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones with Mic

Image Source: Amazon.in

Reasons to Buy:

1. Yes, JBL complete earphones at such an inexpensive value is worthwhile.

2. once it involves JBL then you get is that the sound with excellent bass.

3. Sound generated is extremely clear because of its Crystal clear vocals.

4. Hussle free calls because of its constitutional mic.

5. Overall build quality is ideal for this value vary.

3. Realme Earbuds (with Mic , 11 mm audio driver , Best Built Design)


Image Source: Amazon.in

Reasons to Buy:

1. These earphone comes with a lot of bass than alternative earphones during this vary as a result of its 11mm audio drivers.

2. It comes with a remote with three buttons to possess Hassle-free expertise.

3. skinny wires created from terribly top quality material.

4. terribly clear sound with surround expertise.

5. It offers you terribly comfy feel.

4. Infinity (JBL) Zip 100 (With Mic , 9mm Dynamic Driver , Angled Jack)


Image Source: Amazon.in

Reasons to Buy:

1.The bass offered is extremely deep.

2. The mic offered is extremely smart because it records excellent sound.

3. Drivers offered area unit of 9mm.

4. The cable offered is long enough with high build quality material used.

5. Terribly snug match because of its softness.

5. BoAt BassHeads 225 Special Edition  (With Mic , 10mm drivers)

BoAt BassHeads 225 Special Edition In-Ear Headphones with Mic

Image Source: Amazon.in

Reasons to Buy:

1. Designed with premium metal permanently appearance.

2. Smart sound quality however bit less bass.

3. Least expensive value.

4. Bit significant because of its metallic end.

5. Smart in appearance.

6. Mi Earphones Basic ( With Mic , Powerful 10mm drivers )

Mi Earphones Basic with Mic

Image Source: Amazon.in

Reasons to Buy:

1. These may be better option if you’re exploitation Mi smartphones.

2. Good sound quality for at this budget.

3. Good style with aluminum end.

4. Very best quality cable within the phase, which might last long.

5. Powerful bass with its 10mm drivers.

6. Best mic in phase with noise cancellation feature.

7. Sennheiser MX 170 (No Mic, simple design)

Sennheiser MX 170 Earphone

Image Source: Amazon.in

Reasons to Buy:

1. The straightforward style provided makes it terribly snug.

2. Eartips provides terribly sleek expertise thanks to its soft cushions.

3. Earphones provides terribly clear sound.

4. The bass provided is additionally far better.

5. It conjointly reduces the ground noise to own overall a really smart expertise.

6. Material used for cable is additionally of terribly prime quality.

8. Realme Buds Classic (HD microphone, simple design)

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Image Source: Amazon.in

Reasons to Buy:

1. Sensible designed quality as a result of top quality.

2. Clear realistic sound expertise.

3. Additional serious bass due its fourteen.2mm drivers.

4. Simple however nice style.

5. In designed mike to produce higher expertise for occupation and recording audios or videos.

6. Cable created from top quality material that provides sleek expertise.

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