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Apple’s expert team removes fake product listings

The US-based technology company Apple has a team of experts working to remove counterfeit products from sites like Instagram, where some retailers are making millions of dollars in business by selling counterfeit products.

According to Mashable, a spokesman for Cupertino tech technology, as part of a report focusing on fake iPhone chargers, a statement sent to Bloomberg said the safety of Apple users is a priority for the company and that the risks associated with knockoff services could be “severe”. “

The spokesman said, “We have a dedicated team of professional and legal professionals, retailers, social media companies, and e-commerce sites around the world to remove counterfeit products from the market.”

They added, “Last year we wanted the removal of more than a million fake and Apple products from the online marketplace, including Facebook and Instagram.”

Mashable reported that the fraudulent business is booming and has become a multibillion-dollar business, according to a recent report from cybersecurity company and telecommunications intelligence agency Ghost Data.

Apple has previously prosecuted organizations selling counterfeit goods. Back in 2016, the company filed a lawsuit against the retailer, accusing him of selling knockoff accessories on Amazon and Groupon. In that case, Apple had argued that the vast majority of “real” services on Amazon were untrue. According to Mashable, at the time Amazon had stated that it had a policy of zero tolerance for counterfeit goods.

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