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Apple Music pays artists an average of $ 0.01 per broadcast

Apple has revealed for the first time how many artists are paid for their Apple Music streaming service. Apple has revealed this through an open letter sent to artists which is said to be part of a new series to keep artists informed of royalties. This was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, and the full book was published by 9to5Mac.

In its letter Apple said it pays artists an estimated $ 0.01 per broadcast. The company also highlighted that it pays the same 52% discount on all labels unlike other services that pay “very low price” on private labels. The same title rate is also paid for all publishers and licenses in all countries.

Apple has not yet commented on how much artists are paid as this may vary in different markets. The rate will vary depending on the subscription system in each country. For example, Apple Music costs ₹ 99 per month in India. In the US, the monthly plan is $ 9.99 which is ₹ 744.66 for direct conversion. Apple also has affordable programs for students, and family members. It also offers Apple Music subscriptions integrated with Apple One which greatly reduces the price one can pay each month.

Apple has also claimed that it does not pay a minimum royal fee in exchange for inclusion in the playlist. There are 30,000 playlists on Apple Music. “These taste buds choose music that is based on beauty and we do not ask anyone to accept a lower amount of royalty instead of playing. The same goes for Apple Music’s playlists and algorithmic recommendations, ”Apple said in his letter.

By 2020, Apple said it paid more than $ 5 million for artists recording more than one million more than what was paid in 2019. % since 2017, when the number of artists recording their catalogs generating more than $ 50,000 a year has more than doubled, ”said Apple.

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