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Amazon opens AR Salon in London

Amazon.com Inc. opened a new hair salon in East London to showcase the unpopularity of taxpayers we see and to “identify and learn” marketing technology that allows customers to point their phones at the product for more information.

The 1,500-square-foot salon has been set up in the London area of ​​Hospitalfields, the company said in a blog post on Tuesday. Customers will be able to try out new hair colors almost and “capture their new look in a dedicated creative space,” the company said. Visitors will also be able to order products at a salon via Amazon by scanning QR codes.

Outgoing CEO Jeff Bezos said in his last letter to shareholders this month that difference is key to the company’s survival. While there are no plans to open additional locations, salon venture showcases the range of Amazon businesses ranging from grocery stores and cheap computer accessories to satellites and servers as the e-commerce giant grows significantly beyond its core business.

London has recently begun to reduce its confinement limits to Covid-19, with the reopening of salons in England on April 12. Amazon salon customers will be provided with free face masks and a sanitiser, temperature monitor and venue will operate at minimal cost.

The salon will be open to Amazon employees initially before extending reservations to the general public “in the coming weeks.”

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