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Amazon is helping to raise the union

The American Union movement has been going on for decades, but with a high-status union emphasizing Amazon.com Inc., it may need to change its fate. This is because Amazon workers are uniting a new type of workers who can begin to build the unity of factory workers in the last century.

Forty years ago this did not bode well for the unions in the United States. Since 1983, the number of union members has nearly halved, with one in ten employed workers:

Dissatisfaction with this course has rekindled in recent years. Surprised by growing inequality, economists at one point in the 20th century gradually failed in a tainted union. Some lawmakers are striving to facilitate integration, and policy governors and thinkers alike are urging the US. They are beginning to think about changing the labor system. In methods that expand the scope of collective bargaining. And in 2018 there will be a short wave of attacks, which may suggest that a union will arise from its long range.

As workers struggle only for their living, the 2020 pandemic reduces newly earned interest. But it is likely to return to strength in 2021. Warehouse staff and service delivery staff try to plan, frustrated by the company’s tough work conditions – starting in a warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama. President Joe Biden has supported the Bessemer Union, and has been discussing Amazon’s activist reorganization across the country.

There are reasons to think that the Amazon Drive connection could be the start of a resurgence of American workers, as warehouse operations and its distribution have expanded over the past year and a half, making Amazon the second most important employer after Walmart Inc. Largest in the world.

Almost one in 110 American workers now work for Amazon.

This will affect the movement of workers in many ways. First, it gives the impression of being united as a superior enemy. As Neer Kaiser and Tim O’Brien wrote, the campaign against Amazon Union was particularly embarrassing. The company joked about the news on Twitter, stating that Amazon employees had to pee in bottles and send their bags due to their difficult times. Journalists who broke up at the Intercept and elsewhere discovered a leak within the company, indicating that it was practically widespread. Meanwhile, Amazon officials said the company was in good working order, but as Kaiser and O’Brien said, the government has repeatedly fined them for unsafe practices.

A major shift in anti-union campaigns could spark speculation about the issue – clicking on bottles and pitting against mega-corporations, who make hundreds of million dollars per year and pay union advisors $ 10,000 per day Huh.

Amazon was also a major technology company at a time when large technology companies were a victim of popular noise. By 2021, 45% of Gallip respondents reported negative comments from companies such as Amazon, Facebook Inc. and Google’s Alphabet Inc., while only 34% with positive feedback; It marks a rapid change from 2019 onwards. Many large technology companies do not employ many working people; Amazon is a big thing because of its storage and shipping businesses.

The huge amount of Amazon helps develop a sense of solidarity with the workers in America. Seems like the end of the present. In the early days of the United States Trade Union, the general function in production was common; The “class of workers” may include domestic and agricultural workers, but the majority of the population means a factory worker in the assembly line. The workers are very integrated.

The us Although it appeared in production and service, job types varied and grew. A substitute teacher, a Walmart cashier, a server at a Burrito restaurant, a contracting company contractor, a construction worker, a truck driver and a personnel can all get the same amount, but the work is done so it’s hard to think of them. As “square” from. Today, however, an Amazon warehouse worker or driver can be a new form of American strength – a mental image of a man who experienced hard work days while his boss was sitting on a pig.

All these are now considered as definitive. The deal with the Bessemer warehouse may not be successful, or it may not be able to enter other stores around the country. Or if it meets Amazon, it may differ from legal rules. An important factor may be organizational policy. In the future, the most important thing Biden can do is to revive the American Union, appoint people who are strong opponents of the National Labor Relations Board and other government agencies. As Ronald Reagan suggested to anti-union activists, the behavior of the ruling class has a deep and lasting effect.

At a time when many Republican voters are warming to the idea of ​​unions, Fiden may have a chance to breathe life into America’s deteriorating oil. If that happens, we might one day see the war on the Amazon as a revolution.

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Nova Smith is the author of the Bloomberg Opinion. He is an assistant professor of finance at Stony Brook University and a blogger at Nohbian.

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