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Amazon Alexa can now tell you where to find Covid-19 goals

Amazon Alexa can now tell users where to find Covid-19 vaccine sites. Voice Assistant can help users connect to Covid-19 vaccination websites, check availability and schedule appointments. Amazon has updated Alexa with information about drug availability and eligibility for more than 85 countries.

Users can now ask questions like “Alexa, where can I get the COVID vaccine?” or “Alexa, where can I get a COVID vaccine in Seattle?” Alexa will provide a list of nearby locations where Covid-19 vaccines are available. In addition to this, users can also ask Alexa to “call the first” from the list to connect somewhere.

Amazon Alexa is available on most devices, as well as smartphones. Amazon Alexa can also be questioned about Covid-19 test centers. Users can ask “Alexa, where can I test COVID-19?” to find nearby places where they can be tested for Covid-19. Even for testing, users can ask Alexa to dial a given phone number.

Advanced customers are looking to Alexa for more accurate and up-to-date information on COVID-19. In fact, last year, Alexa answered tens of millions of questions about COVID-19 from customers around the world, ”Amazon said in a blog post.

Google also updated the maps recently for Covid-19 vaccines. Users can search for Covid-19 vaccine centers on Google Maps, and it will show all nearby locations. Google Maps will also let users know if the location is open or closed.

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