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Adblockers Contact Google Docs: Here’s how to fix it

Google Docs is one of the most popular collaboration tools available online. However, many Google Docs users on social media and Reddit have reported problems with editing and formatting issues in the past few days. Now, we know why.

Google Drive Product Manager Remy Burger has confirmed that users of Google Docs, Drive, Slides are facing formatting issues due to adblockers enabled in their web browsers. “If you encounter any issues with margins or categories in Google Docs right now, this is due to the latest changes being made by @getadblock / EasyList,” she tweeted.

Android Police, citing information provided by a Google official, said the problem was with the changes to the AdBlock and EasyList lists, which are used by most connectors.


Sadly, Google cannot fix this issue as the problem exists at the end of adblockers. That is, it is up to the individual adblockers to fix the problem on their end and issue an update to the end users.

The good news is that AdBlock has already taken this issue seriously and is working to resolve the issue. Some companies should follow his example soon. In the meantime, you can disable blocking the contents of Drive, Docs and Slides so that the problem is not visible to you.


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