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Acer hit by $ 50 million ransomware attack: Report

A group of criminals seeking to extort money has demanded $ 50 million from Taiwanese PC maker Acer, according to the Sleeping Computer. The attackers reportedly gained access to the Acer network through the Microsoft Exchange.

The hacker team gave Acer until March 28 to pay more money to publish the information he claimed to have received.

The report went on to say that a group known as ‘Rev’ was behind the Acer attack. The group is said to be responsible for last year’s ransomware attacks on Travellex, which is London’s foreign exchange.

Acer did not explicitly confirm the ransomware attack but said the following in a statement: “The company regularly monitors its IT systems, and most cyber attacks are well protected. Companies like us are under constant scrutiny, and we have reported on recent cases of misconduct by law enforcement and information protection authorities in many countries. ”

The report also notes that it has been the most well-known compensation requirement so far. Interestingly, the hijackers also offered a 20% discount when the company paid on Wednesday. Again and again, the attackers would give the company a decryptor, a risk report, and then delete the shared files. During talks between representatives of Acer and the hijackers, the attackers also warned the company not to repeat SolarWind’s future.

Advanced Intel’s Andariel cyber intelligence platform was able to detect that the Revil group was targeting the Acer network. It also detects security breaches being linked to the vulnerability of Microsoft Exchange.

Microsoft recently issued sensitive security measures to address Exchange risks. To date, Chinese hackers have been blamed for the attacks using the Exchange. But it appears that other groups of attackers are using exploitation, according to Engadget.

A Check Point study report revealed that 32 of all organizations in India were identified by hackers exploiting vulnerability on Microsoft Exchange servers.


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