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A Google 2020 executive to Coinbase worth $ 722 million

Even in Silicon Valley, Surojit Chatterjee’s extraordinary rise in wealth soon became lightning. Crypto, only 15 months. The previous Google’s Coinbase stake was priced at approximately $ 203 million from 2:08 p.m. in New York, based on shares of a digital wallet company trading at $ 366 a piece following a straight list on Wednesday, according to data compiled by Bloomberg,. And he is expected to get share options over the next five years worth about $ 519 million. the first company Nasdaq Inc. Together, their stakes cost more than $ 18 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Coinbase’s listing is another milestone in putting crypto ahead of the standard. The company goes public as Bitcoin – which along with Ethereum has made the most of its 2020 trading volume – sells at all times. Bitcoin has more than doubled in value this year to about $ 64,000, according to Bloomberg data.

Fast Equality

The Chatterjee Coinbase post is an amazing example of the fast-paced finance staff they can find when joining startups. Gone are the days when equality was widely distributed on the lines for many years, the reward for honesty and performance.

Chatterjee joined Coinbase last February three years later at Google’s Alphabet Inc., where he led the company’s store during his second season in giant search. He previously led the product and delivery of mobile search ads and AdSense before stopping at the Indian commercial site Flipkart. His experience at the Bangalore-based company appealed to Armstrong. “If a person lives, works, or works only in a country like the United States, it can be difficult to understand the magnitude of the opportunity to facilitate cross-border transactions,” Armstrong, Coinbase’s chief executive officer, wrote in a blog post last year announcing Chatterjee’s appointment.

Other major investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Chase Coleman’s Tiger Global Management and Ribbit Capital. QueensBridge Venture Partners, the investment company of rapper Nasir Jones, has invested in the past eight years and is still participating in a company now worth more than $ 100 million, according to crypto news website CoinDesk.

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