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Nvidia is planning a new chip to compete with Intel

Graphics-chip giant Nvidia Corp. increases the competitive pressure on Intel Corp. with strategies to start selling intermediate processing units to serve the market in a growing data center.

Nvidia said on Monday its first data center processor would work 10 times faster than existing chips. Dubbed Grace, behind renowned computer scientist Grace Hopper, the chip is based on technology developed by Arm Ltd., UK chip designer Nvidia is in the process of buying around $ 40 billion.

The new chip puts Santa Clara, based on Nifidia in Calif., Known for its fast processors that powerful videog hardware, in competition with Intel, is leading the global market in providing chips to data centers, according to Mercury Research. Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is a second for data center chips.

Nvidia last year surpassed Intel as a major chip maker by market value. Its stock has risen in part due to Chief Executive Jensen Huang’s bet on some of the hottest sectors in technology, video technology and artificial intelligence.

The company said the Grace chip aims to be able to manage a specific part of a computer where processors need to analyze data sets quickly, a process that requires faster computer performance and greater memory. It can be used for tasks such as language processing and artificial intelligence.

Intel last week unveiled its state-of-the-art chip-center chip that the company said it provides fast performance and offers advanced AI mathematical features.

Advanced AI and data science are advancing the development of modern computers beyond its limits – processing a number of unimaginable data,” Mr Huang said in a statement.

Nvidia and AMD in recent years have been moving out of Intel’s dominance and building with huge purchases, which can help with rising development costs and customer preferences by setting up a wide variety of chips. Intel’s new chief executive Pat Gelsinger last month unveiled a long-term plan to revive the company’s fortunes, including $ 20 billion in chip-plant investments and the move to become a major contractor working for others.

AMD is in the process of acquiring San Diego, California. Based on chip maker Xilinx Inc. about $ 35 billion.

Meanwhile, Nvidia is working to get regulators to sign an agreement reached to acquire Arm from SoftBank Group Corp. The company said it had engaged regulators in the US, UK European Union and China among other authorities, and was awaiting agreement. closure in the first quarter of 2022.

Mr Huang said on Monday Nvidia was also looking to bring Arm-based products to new markets such as cloud computing and standalone programs. Grace, Nvidia said she would be available in early 2023, was among a series of announcements made as part of the company’s event.

It also said Grace would empower supercomputers the Swiss National Supercomputing Center and the U.S. Department of Energy. Los Alamos National Laboratory are committed to building.

Nvidia’s stock rose $ 32.36, or 5.6% to $ 608.36 on Monday trading, as the company also said its first quarter earnings were tracking more than its previous $ 5.3 billion target. Meanwhile Intel shares fell by $ 2.86, or 4.2% to $ 65.41 and AMD returned to $ 4.18, or 5.1%, to $ 78.58.

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