TD Bank’s new CIO pressures more women into technology

TD Bank’s new CIO pressures more women into technology

The new information officer of TD Bank NA, a US-owned company of Toronto-Dominion Bank of Canada, said his priorities included encouraging women to do technical work and making his engineering staff feel supported.

Judy Dinn, who started in the role of November 1, is following in the bartsteps of retired Janice Withers. Ms Dinn said her goals were even more important given the country’s lack of talent which made hiring and retaining technical staff very difficult.

As the labor market is as competitive as it is, Ms. Dinn said, “Actually, I really want to make sure that the representation of women — whether in elementary school, high school, university — that the funnel is always full.”

A study by, a non-profit organization that aims to increase the representation of female professionals, found that women make up about 29% of U.S. technology workers. by 2020, up from about 26% in 2019.

After graduating from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Ms. Dinn co-founded Think About Math, a university program that encourages high school girls to consider science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. He said he wishes to work on similar programs in his new role.

“Judy has a passion for supporting women in technology, is known for building strong technical teams, and is recognized for her ability to innovate,” TD Bank chief executive Greg Braca said in a statement.

Ms. Dinn joined TD Bank last year as a senior architect and CIO of U.S. credit cards. From 2017 to 2020, he was the CIO of credit card technology and business records of JP Morgan Chase & Co. banking business.

“I really see myself first as a technology engineer,” said Ms. Dinn, adding that she is focused on “ensuring that the voice of the technology engineering community is heard and understood.”

Another focus will be on ensuring that technical staff have the necessary training to continue the modern banking effort, which includes data acquisition to make products more customer-focused, he said.

“We will support them. We’re going to invest in them, “Ms. Dinn said of the company’s engineers.” People want to feel like they are investing continuously. ”

In the field of commercial banks, improving customer experience by modernization is paramount, said Jerry Silva, vice president of financial information at International Data Corp. market analyst, but banks face challenges in those efforts, including access to security-appropriate technology and installation. -Talented talent.

Employers in the U.S. they accounted for nearly 360,000 technology jobs in October, an increase of about 76,000 since September, according to an analysis by IT business group CompTIA.

Ms. Dinn, who is also trained as a nutritionist and yoga instructor, said that having a good mind and having time to meditate helps her to deal with work problems in a new song.

“I bring [yoga] to the office regularly,” he said, although at the moment TD Bank’s workplace is far away due to the Covid-19 epidemic. “I encourage people to do it,” he said, “whether it is one minute or five minutes or 10 minutes. It goes a long way to find more balance in your life.”

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