Samsung and LG set up part of the global TV sales segment in Q3

Sales of Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics accounted for 47.1%, about half of global TV sales in the third quarter of this year. Joint sales of the two companies in the third quarter also accounted for about half of the 49% share.

According to market research firm Omdia on the 19th, sales of Samsung Electronics TV accounted for 28.7% and LG Electronics accounted for 18.4% in the global market in the third quarter. Of the combined sales, Samsung Electronics accounted for 30.2% and LG Electronics accounted for 18.8%. The combined market share was 49%.

As of the third quarter of this year, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics sold 30.84 million units and 6.472 million units, respectively.

In particular, Samsung Electronics retained its No. 1 position. 1 in the market share for 16 consecutive years, with a share of 30.2% in sales and 20.6% in total sales.

Despite production disruptions due to a shortage of components and COVID-19, Samsung Electronics maintained strong sales by expanding advanced TV programs such as Neo QLED TV and Lifestyle TV.

Samsung’s QLED products, with a strong focus on Neo QLED, sold 6.29 million units in the third quarter, up 24.8% year-on-year. Samsung Electronics is expected to win 10 million QLED sales this year.

LG Electronics’ OLED TVs are also growing rapidly. Exports of LG Electronics’ OLED TV increased by 80% year-on-year to 899,000 units in the third quarter of this year. Top third quarter sales of OLED TVs.

LG Electronics’ OLED TV exports in the third quarter of this year were 2,655,000 units, more than double the previous year, and have already outperformed last year. Exports annually are expected to reach four million, twice as much as last year.

LG Electronics demonstrates its strong competition with a 60% share in third-party OLED TV exports. According to LG Electronics, the number of products selling OLED TVs has risen to 20 this year, with more products expected to enter the global OLED TV market next year.

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