Qualcomm has specialized communication with Microsoft on Windows in ARM

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The XDA site is cool, that a few years ago Qualcomm announced with Microsoft a special Windows solution for ARM. Named for this app, all devices under this app are based on Snapagon processors. By the way, the amount of data collection is already complete.

Surprisingly, competitors know about the partnership between Microsoft and Qualcomm, but none of them have the key. At that time, MediaTek has already announced plans to build a custom Windows processor for ARM devices. Indeed, Samsung is also considering the possibility of releasing an ARM desktop chip, especially considering that the company, in partnership with AMD, is working on integrating RDNA graphics core into Exynos.

Both Microsoft and Qualcomm offer great solutions, which are already included in the Windws Phone era. Note that this OS is only supported by Snapdragon processors. Smartphones in the memory domain of other manufacturers are not released..