Windows 10 user can now access Microsoft Power Automate free

Microsoft on Thursday announced that it is making its Power Automate Desktop Windows 10 solution available to Windows 10 users across the country for free. The company’s low-cost automation system allows businesses to perform certain tasks – especially duplicate and manual, as part of its Power Automate Service.

Doing business today involves many things that are constantly changing, some of which can be controlled by those in the company – such as the novel coronavirus. Repetitive manual labor can affect the productivity of workers, according to the company. Power Automate Desktop for Windows 10 includes a low-coded Robotic Process Automate (RPA) system that uses these tedious tasks and helps slow down workflow, the company said on Thursday.

Microsoft’s Power Automate Desktop program allows companies to record actions such as mouse clicks and keyboards as part of the RPA solution first announced at Microsoft Ignite in 2019. Once a user has recorded those actions, they can be “played over” again and again, in various programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel and Sharepoint. This service also supports third-party applications and websites.

In conjunction with default functions such as clicking links and buttons, the company claims that the Power Automate Desktop solution can also help extract data from multiple data sources such as PDFs, websites, Excel spreadsheets, or data files and automatically generate data reports, depending on user details.

At the moment, the company also gives businesses the ability to automate all operations in the organization, as part of the ‘Attended RPA’ program that allows clients to use more than 400 connections per cloud. Microsoft also offers AI Builder to extract data from documents and process advisors to identify what slows down business processes, while users are able to control the automation of the system through a centralized control system.

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According to Microsoft, the acquisition of Sofomotive, a UK-based Robotic Process automate software company, has helped bring a lot of low-cost RPA capabilities to Microsoft Power Automate, available in English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese. More than 3.5 lakh companies now use low-cost service code solutions, the company said in a press release.

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