Windows 10 Insider Preview 21364.1 (co_release) 210416-1504

Good Morning, friends! Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 pre-build number 21364 for Windows Insider program members using the Dev channel.

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Build number: Windows 10 Insider Preview 21364.1 (co_release) 210416-1504

Windows 10 Insider Preview 10.0.21364.1000 (co_release)

Windows 10 Insider Preview 213641 co release 210416 1504
Windows 10 Insider Preview 21364.1 co release 210416 1504

Recently, the branch name changed to CO_RELEASE. As in October, when insiders started getting builds from the FE_RELEASE branch, the company is practising the ability to change the branch that is considered an active development branch.

Since engineers work in different branches within the development cycle, it may be necessary to move insiders between these branches. The company treats these builds in the same way as the builds from the RS_PRERELEASE branch.

We remind you that the Dev channel releases a build that can contain quite unpleasant errors. If you need more stability, we recommend switching to the Beta or Release Preview channels.


Running Linux GUI applications using WSL

Windows Subsystem for Linux has received the first preview version of support for Linux applications with a graphical interface.

This means that you can now run any editors, tools, and applications designed for Linux on Windows to develop, test, and run native applications for the Linux platform.

More information can be found on the Microsoft blog at this link.

Classification of Microsoft Edge processes in the ” Task Manager»

Windows engineers are collaborating with the Microsoft Edge team to implement process classification support in the “Task Manager”.

This will help you determine how many resources each of the browser components consumes.

The classification includes tabs, browser processes (Browser, GPU Process, Crashpad), utility plugins (Utility: Audio Service Extensions), Service Workers, and so on.

Each process received individual icons that will help you quickly determine the purpose of the process. In the Processes tab, a website icon is displayed.

task manager edge
task manager edge

Note. This feature is available to members of the Windows Insider program who use current builds of Microsoft Edge Canary or Dev.

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You can download the current builds from these channels at this link.

Also, the feature is currently only available to some members of the Windows Insider Program on the Dev channel.

The managed distribution of such features allows Microsoft to quickly identify issues that may affect performance and stability.

Over time, the feature will become available to all users.

From “Task Manager” use “Eco Mode”

In this build, the “Task Manager” has a new experimental feature called “Eco-mode”, which provides the ability to reduce the resource consumption of the process. It will also help you decide which programs are already working in economic mode This feature will be useful if you notice that an application consumes a lot of resources, and you want to limit it so that the system gives priority to other applications, which will improve the responsiveness and energy efficiency of the system.

task manager eco
task manager eco

To enable economy mode for any process, follow these steps:

  • Open the ” Task Manager»;
  • Go to the (or “Details») “Processes” tab;
  • Right-click on an individual or child process from the list;
  • In the context menu, select “Eco mode” to enable the restriction;
  • The “Status” column is displaying details about “Eco Mode” for the aforementioned process.

“Eco mode” will not be available if you try to apply it to the parent process or process group. You can extend the process tree to use mode in one of the child processes.

If for Microsoft Edge (or Chrome), the “Eco Mode” is unexpectedly enabled, although you did not enable it, then you should not worry.

This is because the Microsoft Edge and Chrome teams are experimenting with lowering the base priority and applying energy efficiency APIs to improve performance.

These changes are similar to what happens when you enable “Eco Mode “in the”Task Manager”. If any other applications use similar methods to improve performance, they may also display information about the enabled “Eco Mode”.

Note. Currently, this feature is only available to other members of the Windows Insider Program on the Dev channel.

The managed distribution of such features allows Microsoft to quickly identify issues that may affect performance and stability. Over time, the feature will become available to all users.

Changes and improvements

  • Based on the feedback, Microsoft has updated the notification that previously displayed the text “Account needs to be fixed (Most likely password changed)” to make it clearer why this procedure is required. The notification will now display the following text: “Click here to log in to your account to continue using the apps on this device and your other devices.”
  • If you manually enable or disable the “Night Light” function, for example, through the “Notification Center”, then it will be applied immediately, and not gradually.
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  • Fixed an issue where some connected USB printers would not work after upgrading to Build 21354 or later.
  • In this build, splash screens (splash screen) with support for the system theme are working again.
  • Fixed a crash explorer.exe, which was observed by insiders in several previous builds.
  • Fixed an issue where the “About” page in the” Settings ” sometimes seemed empty.
  • Fixed an issue where some symbols in the Parameters app were corrupted in the previous build. For example, the problem related to the text “These folders will not be indexed” on the “Search in Windows” page.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the “Windows Update” status to display incorrectly in the panel at the top of the Settings app window.
  • Fixed an issue where HDD disks were unexpectedly displayed as SSDs on the “Disk and Volume Management” page in “Settings”.
  • Fixed an issue where chkdsk sometimes incorrectly calculated the elapsed time.
  • Fixed an issue where a part of the text in the UAC dialogue was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the icon in the Explorer address bar was positioned too close to the edge, which occurred after recent changes to the Explorer layout.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some insiders to have “File Explorer” unexpectedly not pinned to the taskbar after a factory reset or a clean system installation.
  • Fixed an issue where the battery icon on the taskbar looked like the battery was 90% charged when it was 100% charged when zooming in a bit.
  • Fixed an issue that affected the stability of Windows Hello in previous builds.
  • Fixed an issue where “Windows Firewall” would unexpectedly throw an error when trying to block something already in an existing rule.
  • Fixed an issue that caused sihost.exe sometimes it crashed when trying to use the Share function by right-clicking on the application in the Start menu.
  • Fixed an issue that in the previous two builds affected the stability of the search for some insiders. If problems persist after the update, then report it to the Feedback Hub, as the reason may be different.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some insiders to encounter a GSOD with the CRITICAL PROCESS DIED error in previous builds.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some games to freeze when displaying overlays with HDR enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where some images would not appear in the clipboard history after they were copied from a web page from Microsoft Edge.
  • Fixed an issue where Japanese-language IME candidate window elements could be clipped when using 200% text scaling.
  • Fixed an issue where using a touch keyboard space gesture to move the cursor could cause the displayed states of the Shift and Ctrl keys to be out of sync with their actual state.
  • Fixed an issue where ARM64-based x64 applications, such as Cyberlink PhotoDirector, could not detect C++ Redistributable.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented split-screen mode from working when Auto HDR was enabled.
  • Added support for extending the basic shell functions for x64-based processes on the ARM64 platform.
  • The shortcuts of the 3D Viewer and Print 3D applications are returned to the Start menu.
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Known issues

  • We are investigating reports that the system update process may hang for a long time when trying to install a new build.
  • [News and Interests] The Esc key closes the pop-up window, not the context menu called up inside the pop-up window.
  • [News and Interests] Sometimes the pop-up window of news and interesting information cannot be closed with a pen.
  • We are investigating a problem that causes Windows Search elements (including the search field in File Explorer) to display incorrectly in a dark theme.
  • The Camera app does not currently take into account the default brightness setting set on the new page in Settings.
  • Engineers are working to fix an issue that caused WSL users to find that the performance of the “Explorer” decreased after upgrading to build 21354 or later.
I wish you a successful update!

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