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Windows 10 Insider Preview 21359.1 (co_release) 210409-1536

Good morning, friends! Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 pre-build number 21359 for Windows Insider program members using the Dev channel.

Previous Build

Build number: 21359.1. co_release. 210409-1536.

Windows 10 Insider Preview 21359.1 co release 210409 1536
Windows 10 Insider Preview 21359.1 co release 210409 1536

Since the previous build, the branch name has changed to CO_RELEASE. As in October, when insiders started receiving builds from the FE_RELEASE branch, the company is practising the ability to change the branch that is considered an active development branch. Since engineers work in different branches within the development cycle, it may be necessary to move insiders between these branches. The company treats these builds in the same way as it treats the builds from the RS_PRERELEASE branch.

We remind you that the Dev channel releases a build that can contain quite unpleasant errors. If you need more stability, we recommend switching to the Beta or Release Preview channels.

Changes and improvements

A new option has been added to the “Shutdown” menu in the “Start” menu, allowing you to restart applications the next time you log in after restarting the device. If you use this option, the “Restart Applications” function is automatically activated, located in the “Settings” -> “Accounts” -> “Login Options”section.

new restart apps
new restart apps
  • If you have enabled synchronization of the activity log between devices with a linked Microsoft account (MSA), then you will no longer be able to add new activities to the “Timeline”. The change does not apply to accounts linked to the AAD. To view the search history in Edge and other browsers, you can use the corresponding web page. You can also view recently used files using OneDrive and Office.
  • The “Ease of Access” section in “Parameters” has been renamed to “Accessibility” (in the Russian version, the section has long been called “Accessibility”).
  • Updated the Ebrima font, which now supports characters from Bamum (Unicode block from U+A6A0 to U+A6FF).
  • Updated the Nirmala UI font family to improve the display of Chakma characters when combined.
  • Microsoft thanks insiders for testing the new version of the Korean IME. So far, the decision has been made to return to the version used in previous versions of the system.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused an issue when enabling HDR, causing SDR content to change when the device was locked or coming out of sleep mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Auto HDR might not be enabled for all supported games. If you still have problems, please report them to the Feedback Hub, Twitter (@DirectX12), or DirectX Discord.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred in the previous build, where in some cases the user profile was not migrated during the upgrade process, although the user accounts were migrated correctly. This problem could occur if the device was suddenly rebooted during the update process.
  • Fixed an issue where some cameras might not support settings from the “Camera” section in “Settings” if this camera is used in another application.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the “Camera” section in “Settings” on ARM devices would cause the app to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where the Windows Update page could display two separate lines indicating that some updates are managed by your organization.
  • Fixed an issue where some devices displayed the message “Some settings are hidden or managed by your organization” on the Settings – > Update and Security – > Windows Update page, even if the device is not managed by any organization.
  • Fixed an issue affecting WSUS users where the “Check online for updates from Microsoft Update” option was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some insiders to experience frequent crashes wuauclt.exe.
  • Fixed an issue where windows lost their shadow after locking and then unlocking the device.
  • Fixed an issue where some insiders had the “ms-resource: AppListName” item displayed in the app list in the Start menu, which appeared because the People app no longer appears in the app list.
  • Fixed an issue where pop-up notifications could be displayed at the top of the “Notification Center”.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred in previous builds where the user interface would freeze if you made a very quick gesture on the touchpad to switch between virtual desktops.
  • Fixed an issue that affected the ability to use Miracast on some devices.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the network connection on certain devices and Ethernet configurations to hang on the “Identify…” state.
  • Fixed an issue where, after upgrading to previous builds, it was not possible to connect to the remote desktop before restarting the computer.
  • Fixed an issue where the brightness controls were unstable on some devices.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some insiders to experience unexpected frame rate drops when playing certain full-screen games. If you still have problems, please send your feedback to the company by following these instructions.
  • Fixed an issue where some games would crash on startup if Auto HDR was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred on some devices where the screen could turn black and only the mouse cursor was visible. If the problem persists after upgrading to this build, then use the WIN + CTRL + Shift + B combination, and then report the problem to the Feedback Hub in the “Display and Graphics” -> “Black Screen” section, giving as many details as possible.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some videos to appear distorted or pixelated in previous builds.
  • Fixed an issue where the message “The following things require your attention…” would appear on some devices when trying to install a new build.
  • Fixed an issue where getting and applying regional settings using PowerShell 7.1 didn’t work.
  • Fixed an issue where updates in the language list using PowerShell commands wouldn’t sync with other devices if parameter synchronization was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue when using Pinyin IME that could cause you to be unable to enter text in some apps (before restarting this app) if you were typing quickly and selecting candidate words in the IME.
  • Fixed an issue that affected moving shortcuts to the new Windows Tools folder, causing “This computer” to appear with the name “computer”.

Known issues

  • We are investigating reports that the system update process may hang for a long time when trying to install a new build.
  • [News and Interests] The Esc key closes the pop-up window, not the context menu called up inside the pop-up window.
  • [News and Interests] Sometimes the pop-up window of news and interesting information cannot be closed with a pen.
  • [ARM64] Insiders who installed a preview version of the Qualcomm Adreno graphics driver on the Surface Pro X may experience reduced display brightness. This issue has been fixed in the updated preview version of the graphics driver, which you can find at the link: https://aka.ms/x64previewdriverprox. If you encounter this problem, then check out the topic in the “Feedback Center” at this link.
  • We are investigating a problem that causes Windows Search elements (including the search field in the “Explorer”) to display incorrectly in a dark theme.
  • Some applications, such as 3D Viewer and Print 3D, that were previously located in the “Standard — Windows” folder, are now located in the “Windows Tools” folder. After fixing the problem, these shortcuts will be returned to the Start menu and will not be located in any folder. In the meantime, you can find them through the search or in the “Windows Tools” folder.
  • The Camera app does not currently take into account the default brightness setting set on the new page in Settings.
  • Access to the virtual GPU does not work for Windows and Linux guest systems. Adding a vGPU to the VM will not have any effect, so it will continue to work with software rendering.
  • The splash screen does not use the system theme. Engineers are working on a fix that will be included in future builds.
  • Split-screen mode when using Auto HDR does not work in this build. The issue will be fixed in future builds.
  • Engineers are working to fix an issue that caused some connected USB printers to stop working after upgrading to Build 21354 or later.
  • Engineers are working to fix an issue that caused WSL users to find that the performance of the “Explorer” decreased after upgrading to build 21354 or later.

I wish you a successful update!

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