New animations in the style of Fluent Design are available for all Windows 11 users

Microsoft has downloaded an unparalleled new version of add-on Windows 11 with code KB5007262 (22000,348), bringing its own new messages in the style of Fluent Design. Installing this update can be done in person at the “Windows Update Center”. You will also be able to get the result of the December additions, which are expected to arrive on December 14th.

Recall that in July of this year, Microsoft introduced new three-dimensional icons in the style of free design, which were to appear on all company products, including 11 electric drives, controls, teams and more. However, in Windows 11 operating system, you will be able to use 2D versions of these files.

Microsoft suppliers have indicated that 3D smiles are only available in these applications, which are hosted by the host. Mostly, they will stay on Microsoft Teams and Skype.

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