More than 70,000 Indian expatriates prepare for Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday sale on Amazon

Amazon India on Sunday said more than 70,000 Indian expatriates, who are part of its Global Sales program, will be offering millions of ‘Made in India’ products to global customers during the annual Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday (BFCM) sales. Sales of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday start on November 25 and end on November 29. Indian expatriates are launching more than 52,000 new products on Amazon’s global websites during the upcoming holidays, according to a statement.

Amazon customers around the world will be able to find and enjoy a range of products in all categories, including Home & Kitchen, STEM Toys, Clothing, Health & Personal Care, Office Products, Jewelry, Beauty and Furniture by exporters from India, add.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are important events that mark the start of the US holiday season with great purchases from customers to receive gifts for friends and family.

Black Friday is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving with vendors attracting potential buyers for special deals and discounts. Internet retailers have begun offering special promotions on the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend (such as the sale of Black Friday in brick and mortar stores), hence the name Cyber ​​Monday.

Amazon said it is working with Indian expatriates to help them identify important holiday shopping styles in order to deliver a wide variety of relevant products; supports them with planning solutions to customize their lists, and guides them through marketing their products through a series of deals and advertising options.

“BFCM sales mark the start of the global holiday season. It comes just after the holiday season in India, it was traditionally an important time for the growth of our retail partners and as more and more people rely on e-commerce for global products, we believe BFCM’s 2021 sales season we will help speed up the export business for our traders, “said Amazon India’s Global Trade Director Abhijit Kamra.

He also added that e-commerce shipping helps to reduce the entry barrier for Indian MSMEs (small, medium and medium enterprises) to build and grow their export business.

“Through Amazon Global Selling, we will continue to make exporting easier and accessible to MSMEs across India and contribute to the government’s vision to improve exports,” he said.

Some of the world-famous Indian brands from Amazon Global Selling who were to offer their unique products and creations this holiday season include Skillmatics (toys); Clothing brands such as Virgin Crafts and Stylore; and Vahdam (a tea product).

Amazon Global Selling is one of Amazon’s leading programs that helps Indian MSMEs to start or expand their export business using e-commerce. The program was launched in India in 2015 to help Indian exporters reach customers worldwide through Amazon’s international websites and markets.

Currently, there are more than 70,000 exporters across India in the system. Amazon Global Selling has exceeded USD 3 billion in combined sales to date.

In January 2020, Amazon made three key commitments in India – digitally approving 10 million MSMEs in India, allowing $ 10 billion in exports and creating one million jobs – by 2025.

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