Elon Musk conveys a one-word message to all cryptocurrency investors

Elon Musk conveys a one-word message to all cryptocurrency investors

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is a voice supporter of Dogecoin cryptocurrency. The richest person in the world has supported cryptocurrency, directly or indirectly, several times in recent months.

Now, Musk has once again talked about the relationship with Dogecoin. Has a message for all cryptocurrency investors.

The message came in response to a tweet from Bill Lee, a founding partner at West Coast Holdings, who is also an investor in some of Elon Musk’s projects.

Lee himself was responding to a tweet about a crypto gateway called MyDogeWallet, which spoke of his idea of ​​”breaking dependence on CEXs like binance and robinhood and allowing #shibes to hold their own money!”

Responding to the tweet, which spoke of reducing dependence on crypto trading platforms, Lee wrote, “not your keys, not your crypto.”

Responding to Lee’s tweet, Musk wrote his mind with one word – “True”.

The phrase “not your keys, not your crypto” is actually a world-famous phrase called “not your keys, not your coins” where willing investors prefer to keep the secret keys associated with their assets or funds because they do not have a private key. means that an investor is entrusting someone else to keep his or her assets safe.

Elon Musk has expressed his views on how cryptocurrency trading handles the assets of trading investors. Musk seems to be confirming the idea of ​​breaking the dependence of commercial investors to buy and hold their crypto currency.

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