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Must Use Plugins for WordPress in 2021 (Mostly Free)

Best Plugins for wordpress of all time

Must Use Plugins for WordPress in 2021 (Mostly Free)

For Knowing Insights:

  1. Jetpack by Automattic:

To know all the insights and if you have or make a WordPress account you can get all the analytics of your website at one place.

Must Use Plugins for WordPress in 2021 (Mostly Free) 6

Just one tool and installation process are very simple just install it from plugins, then click on Google or WordPress then simply register for the first time, if the account is already created the click on login.
Then you get 3 plans personal, premium, profession if you wish to buy and love the features given go ahead if not you can just scroll down and click on start with free.
Then go to settings then toggle on the necessary option for you. That’s it, the plugin will give all the relevant data which is related to your WordPress site.

  1. Monsterinsights:
    Its a plugin to add your google analytics data on your dashboard. Just submit your analytics code in the setting, it will start showing the data related to viewers, medium, social networks, search engines, top countries and top countries.
  2. Google Site Kit:
    This is the official plugin made by Google, this plugin is all in one tool which involves a dashboard with search console, AdSense, analytics and page speed at one place.
google site kit
Must Use Plugins for WordPress in 2021 (Mostly Free) 7

For Adsense or other ads to be displayed:

  1. Adfoxly :
    Here if you install the plugin then you just need to click on whether it is an image, google AdSense or custom HTML(whichever you select the give it a name and add the code in the concurrent box) then in the next option you need to give it a name and select sticky ad or add new place then save the ads starts been showing in your website.
Must Use Plugins for WordPress in 2021 (Mostly Free) 8

Advanced ads: https://wpadvancedads.com/?ref=618&campaign=Techfeeddata
The pro version would help in tracking the ads, responsive AMP and mobile ads would be enabled and many extra features would be given to you.
But in free if you are using auto ads of google then you just need to go to advanced ads then click on ads and then create a new ad and submit your code that’s it. Then your ads start to be shown on your website.

advanced ads
Must Use Plugins for WordPress in 2021 (Mostly Free) 9

For security:

  1. Wordfence:
    Security is the main and utmost important for any website because hackers can enter the interface without any notice from our end. And this plugin is the most been given the highest rating by WordPress users. This plugin was launched in 2012 which comprises an endpoint firewall and security scanner.
  2. Cleantalk :
    They come up with a new plugin now they have two important plugins which are spam protection which has its firewall and another one is security and malware scan. You just need to start with logging in with an email account, they send you the code that’s it. It monitors all the spam and secures the website. For a month or 15 days, they even give the full version as the trail.
  3. WPMU Dev :
    They have their defender which takes time to scan the website then they even help out with the solution to make your website secured, hummingbird which helps to optimise your website and even minify your CSS and Javascript so that size of your website decreases and your website is fast enough to compete with competitors, Smush it analysis your site and optimises your images according to your website.

Website Page Builder:

King composer or Elementor:
Both are having a very user-friendly interface, in elementor just drag and drop feature is enabled and in king, the composer is similar to the WordPress in-built page UI.

Alternative to Adsense:

Propeller Ads(https://propellerads.com/publishers/?ref_id=e4dE):
Its a company founded in the year 2011 and it has over 750 million daily ad impressions, it can be even used with google AdSense it helps to earn more revenue from the traffic.

Plagiarism is copying data from one place to another. Plagiarism can be checked in search engines with tools like Small SEO tools, Duplichecker but to check grammar you can use Grammarly which would help you in checking spellings and grammar too in the free version.

These are some of the WordPress plugins which has been used in this website some time or the other and now have very few(2-3) plugins but according to me these are the best developers concerning WordPress 5.4 and upcoming updates

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  1. I have never heard some of the plugins but curious to try on websites. Also, I want to recommend a plugin called Blog Designer for designing a blog. It is very easy to implement & delivers an attractive looking blog. Thanks for writing…


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