Big hole in the Sun area: Is the earth in danger of being hit by a big solar storm?

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Although space is interesting, a small surface event can have significant impacts on Earth. NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory recently discovered a large ‘coronal hole’ in the outer space of the Sun, known as the corona. This hole is located in the corona south of the equator, where the temperature reaches about 1.1 million degrees Celsius, releasing charged particles. They have the power to crash and crash.

Researchers have warned that a solar eclipse could cause the Earth to collapse under the sun’s influence. A hole was found in the area of ​​the Sun that detonated explosive particles. The surface of the Planet may be affected by these projectile.

Possibilities of Geomagnetic movement

According to a Spaceweather report, there may be a slight movement in the geomagnetic space of Earth because of this. The current orbit of Earth may cause the effect of Aurora on Polar Region. There is a high chance of aurora to be seen in the northern sky and the South Poles as a result. When the Earth comes out of the solar system, another way.

The sun showed little movement over the past few years, according to Bill Murtagh, a project coordinator at the National Weather Prediction Center’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center. He added that this is mostly due to the small size of the solar system, but in the meantime we are fast approaching the size of the solar system. By the year 2025, this will be even more intense.

Impact on GPS navigation

Solar storms can wreak havoc on Earth’s outer atmosphere, which could affect satellites. GPS mapping, mobile navigation, and satellite TV signals can all have an impact. Power cords can carry a lot of current, which can cause circuits to burst. The earth’s magnetic field, however, acts as a protective shield, so this is not always the case.

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