BGMI Warning: Third Asus Battle of Gods Tournament for ROG users

The Republic of Gamers (ROG) has announced the third season of Battle of Gods – a game competition specifically for ROG Phone users who have the opportunity to compete with others and show off their skills. Battle of Gods is a series of online game online game for ROG Phone users starting November 24. Participants will head to Battlegrounds Mobile India title Battle Royale (single mode) for final whopping ₹ 6, 60,000 .

Dinesh Sharma, Head of Business, Smartphone Unit, System Business Team, ASUS India said, “At ROG we are firmly in touch with our user community and constantly striving to deliver unique and inclusive services. Since the epidemic has begun we have been working closely with the ROG Mobile community and entertaining our community with special internet events. The response from the ROG Phone community in ‘God of War’ is huge and amazing, which has led to us bringing the third season of the tournament. ”

“We thank Krafton for their support so that ROG Mobile Users can experience Battle of Gods 3 at Battlegrounds Mobile India’s favorite battlefield. We strongly believe that such tournaments will also promote the adoption of responsible online games from the safety of our homes. ”

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