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Best Affiliate Marketing Tools and Contextual Advertising


ShareASale Affiliates:

They are in this business of affiliates for 20 years, they have n number of features in the merchants and is having a very simple UI. They have flexible payout options for the bloggers.



Its a company founded in the year 2011 and it has over 750 million daily ad impressions, it can be even used with google AdSense it helps to earn more revenue from the traffic.
They have different ad placement such as push notification, on clicks Ads, In-page Push and Native Interstitials, they have their ad Networks.

Shopify Affiliate:

Shopify is the best E-commerce platform for online retailers and bloggers. Every blogger has come to this term in some form of the other as they have a niche audience which helps to sell online and they have had a lot whenever to earning for bloggers with each referral which is subscription fees (200% bounty) for 2 months.

Advanced Ads:

Most of the WordPress users are using this plugin which has perfect support whenever you need to add some ads let it be AdSense or its alternative such propeller Ads, media.net and so on.
The premium features involve 7 different layouts for delivering ads, lazy load for better page speed, cache busting, disable all ads for specific post types, priority email support for one year and many more. They have plan wherein it is segregated within 2 either selling ads or tracking and both them involves 3 plans first one is you can go ahead with single website the second one is 2 to 5 sites at once and last one is 6 to 10 sites.
And they have come up with their affiliate program wherein if a user clicks and starts using advanced ads premium version then you would directly get 20% off one sale with your referral in it. Click here to know more.


It is a company founded in the year 2008. So it has a platform wherein bloggers and the company who is advertising can come together, the company keeps their terms on board and whichever thing you think is best for your website you can go ahead. You have to first send the company a request then they message you, after which if both parties come together and the affiliation program starts.

Amazon Affiliates:


Amazon is the largest E-Commerce company which has a great reach and if you ask any person that order something online then first thing come in the mind is amazon.
Same is the case with amazon affiliate they have a plan which allows the bloggers to earn commissions on everything being purchased on by using the referral link. You can give it a try by signing in the program the fact is the commission is very less compared to other affiliate programs but it will make your website much authentic.

These are some of the affiliate programs which I could recommend you as a blogger.
Do suggest if you have anything in mind.


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