Apple plans notifications,upgrades to iPad screen for iOS 15

Apple Inc. is learning a major overhaul of its software that will include improvements in how users handle notifications, the redesigned iPad Home Screen, the updated Lock Screen, and additional privacy protection for its advanced devices, according to experts.

Changes to the upgrade are planned to be installed on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, major upcoming software updates for iPhone and iPad. The technology giant based in Cupertino, California will announce software updates, called Sky, at its International Conference of Engineers starting June 7, people said. Ask them not to be identified and talk about internal matters.

Apple releases major software updates to all of its key devices annually as a way to keep people attached to its ecosystem, sells multiple devices and encourages developers to build new applications. Apple usually announced improvements in September, close to the launch of the new iPhones. Given that WWDC is still a few weeks away, the company may choose to change features or delay updates later. An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

The company is developing a new feature that will allow users to set different notification preferences, such as whether the phone makes a noise or not, depending on their current status. The enhancement will come in the form of a new menu that allows users to choose whether to drive, work, sleep or custom fields of their choice. The menu will be displayed on the updated Lock Screen and Control Center, iPhone and iPad menu for quick access to settings.

There will also be an option to set default responses to messages depending on their status. That would be better than the current automatic response feature, which is now available while driving. Apple has added some unique notifications such as Do Not Disturb and Sleep Mode, but this will mark the first time the company provides a feature for the entire system to change notifications depending on user status.

The company is also working on developing iMessage with the aim of keeping it functioning as a social network and competing better with Facebook for Facebook Inc. Those changes are still in the early stages of development and could come later, people say.

The iPad line, which acquired new iPad Pro models earlier this week, will also see a change in software. The company is planning the most important upgrades to the device’s home screen since launching the product in 2010. Following the same iPhone feature introduced last year, Apple plans to allow users to place widgets – small apps that can display weather, upcoming appointments, stock tickers and other data – anywhere on the home screen. Users will also be able to replace the entire system grid with widgets only.

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More privacy protection is coming, too. One new feature in the functions is a new menu that will show users which apps are collecting data silently. While Apple has increased the privacy of its devices in recent years, thousands of applications have been discovered that use special trackers that can collect and share information such as phone numbers and location. The new feature is designed to minimize that.

Apple is also planning a minor update to macOS after rebuilding it last year, as well as software updates for the Apple Watch and Apple TV.

This article was published from a wire agency feed without text editing. Only title changed.

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