PepperWick Privacy Webcam Cover for Laptop, PC and Tablet (6 Pieces, Black)

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Product Description

PepperWick Webcam Slider CoverPepperWick Webcam Slider Cover

Fits on most Devices (iMac, Macbooks, Laptops, Tablets etc.)

Privacy Webcam Cover Online Mac Macbook Macbook Pro iMac iPad Tablet Dell Hacker Spy Lenovo HP AsusPrivacy Webcam Cover Online Mac Macbook Macbook Pro iMac iPad Tablet Dell Hacker Spy Lenovo HP Asus

Why do I need a Webcam CoverWhy do I need a Webcam Cover

Why do I need a Webcam Cover?

Nowadays, Hackers and Spy-Agents can easily take over control of your Webcam and can spy on you remotely.

To prevent these Hackers from spying on you, you must always cover your Webcam when not in use.

webcam cover installationwebcam cover installation

What all devices should I use a Webcam Cover on?

You must use a Webcam Cover for every device in your home or office that has a Webcam and can be connected to the internet. For example:

Laptops (including Macbooks)TabletsiMacSmart TV

Easy to installEasy to install

How to install a Webcam Cover on my device?

Clean the surface of your device around the WebcamRemove the Adhesive liner from the back of the Webcam CoverAlign the hole of the Webcam Cover with the camera lens and press firmly for 15 secondsSlide the cover left / right to open and close the camera

Please Note:

Be careful not to cover the camera signal light and the light-sensor when you install the webcam coverFor best adhesion, press the cover firmly for at least 15 seconds while installing

Easy to Open and CloseEasy to Open and Close

Ultra Slim yet Durable

For a webcam cover, it’s very important that it does not interfere with your ability to close the laptop lid completely. PEPPERWICK Webcam Cover is Ultra Slim (only 0.02 inches thick) and thus even the thinnest laptops can be closed completely without any issuesTo retain the durability of the webcam cover despite this less thickness, we use only highly-compressed ABS plastic and thus our Webcam Cover lasts much longer than any other cheap webcam covers available in the market

Ultra SlimUltra Slim

Universal Camera Hole

Most Laptops and Tablets come with a camera lens of size 0.16 inches or less in diameter. PEPPERWICK webcam cover comes with a camera hole of size 0.2 inch and thus it is compatible with the Laptops and Tablets of all brands.

Easy to Open and CloseEasy to Open and Close

Easy to Open and Close

Simply slide the lid left/right to cover or uncover the webcam lens

Easy to Open and CloseEasy to Open and Close

Ultra SlimUltra Slim

Easy to Open and CloseEasy to Open and Close

PepperWick Webcam Cover

Privacy Webcam Cover Online Mac Macbook Macbook Pro iMac iPad Tablet Dell Hacker Spy Lenovo HP Asus

PepperWick Webcam Cover

Cheap Quality Webcam Cover


High Quality ABS Plastic

Low Quality Brittle Plastic

Webcam lens Scratches

Precise Design ensures that the Webcam Cover works smoothly without scratching your device’s webcam lens

Poor design causes permanent scratches to your webcam lens while operating


Triple Packing (Blister Pack + Card Board + Zip Lock bag)

Flimsy polythene


ABS plastic with extra compression makes the product long lasting

Brittle plastic cracks easily and doesn’t last long


3M Branded Adhesive

Unbranded low quality adhesive

Residue on device’s screen

Because of the 3M Branded Adhesive, No residue is left when you remove this webcam cover from your device

Due to the Unbranded low quality adhesive used, It leaves hard-to-remove residue on the device’s screen


Ultra thin (0.02 inch only) ensures that the Laptop lid can be closed easily

Thick (0.04-0.08 mm) plastic doesn’t let the Laptop lid closed properly and thus drains your Laptop battery

Camera Hole Size

Universal Cameral Hole ensures that you get 100% view from your Webcam

Small camera hole interferes with your video calls

COOL GADGET: Still using those sticky tapes on your webcam? Tapes leave a residue gum on the screen which not only makes the video quality blurry, but also attracts a lot of dust. This dust will then cause permanent scratches on your webcam lens. You can use this small tiny product and make your life easier without damaging your device’s webcam lens or messing up with the tape glue
EASY TO INSTALL: Use a dry cloth to clean the surface of your device’s webcam, then remove the 3M adhesive tape liner from the back of the camera cover, and then align the hole on the webcam cover with your device’s webcam lens and then press firmly for 15 seconds to achieve a strong, but non-permanent seal
UNIVERSAL DESIGN: The Webcam Cover is compatible with all brands of Laptops and Tablets because it comes with a 0.2 inch Camera Hole which is big enough to accomodate most Laptops’ and Tablets’ webcam lens
3M SUPER STURDY ADHESIVE is used for the best adhesion. Also, this quality adhesive doesn’t leave any traces on the screen when you remove the webcam cover from your device

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