Airtel vs Vodafone Idea vs Jio prepaid comparison programs. See price, eligibility

At the end of the day the customer has to pay. Telecom employees have decided to increase prepaid tax plans to make more money. Airtel announced on November 22 and Vodafone Idea did the same today. The new Airtel system will be operational from November 26 while the updated Vodafone Idea tariff plans will begin on November 25. Telecom operators have been facing financial difficulties and with the already AGR payments in their head they have begun to transfer responsibility to subscribers at the end.

Jio is yet to announce a prepaid paid program anytime soon. In the meantime, we will simplify the available Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Jio packages for you.


1.5GB of data used per day for a package of ₹ 249 will not cost ₹ 299 for 28 days. 1GB data packet will be charged at ₹ 269 instead of the previous ₹ 219.

GB 299 299 data packet currently goes to ₹ 359 for 28 days. The 56-day package will now cost ₹ 539 with 2GB of data per day from ₹ 449 available. Similarly, a 1.5GB data pack for 56 days will be charged at ₹ 479 instead of ₹ 399.

The 84-day package now priced at R699 providing 2GB of data each day will now ship R839 from November 25. A 1.5GB data package per day costs R719 from the current ₹ 599 84 days

The annual package of ₹ 1499 will now cost R1799 for 24GB data. The top up pockets have also been updated. 48 packet liya 58 izinsuku 28 days.

Airtel vs Jio

According to Airtel’s recently announced tax plans, the existing ₹ 298 pack with 2GB of data per day will now cost R359 for 28 days of verification from November 26 while Jio will offer the same package for ₹ 249 for 2GB of data per day. a period of 28 days.

Similarly, the current ₹ 399 package with 56 active days will now be ₹ 479 with data / day of 1.5GB while Jio currently offers a 56 day package of ₹ 444 and data / day of 2GB.

Airtel 449 packet will now cost ₹ 549 combined with 2GB of data per day for 56 days. Jio has a ₹ 599 but only 84-day plan and 2GB of data per day.

A el 698 pre-paid Airtel package providing 2GB of 84 days data will now cost you R839 while the Jio ₹ 888 package offers 2GB data for 84 days and comes with additional 5GB data for use it.

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