A new feature of WhatsApp audio message is coming soon. Details here

WhatsApp is constantly updating itself to provide the best user experience. Some may irritate you with it but others may use it. For example, the proposed update states that if someone responds to your messages, you will receive a notification about it, which may sometimes disturb your peace of mind but this new unstructured update provides control over audio messages. The update states that the user can customize the speed of audio messages if necessary.

This can be a great tool for those who are busy with their 9to5 activities or in life. Do not want to hear the full message at current speed, move it immediately. A simple example would be to quickly transfer the song between playing a movie.

A new update will be released for both Android and iOS users. “WhatsApp is working to launch a play speed button to transfer voice notes. This feature has been identified in the latest WhatsApp beta version for iOS, but is currently under development, and comes with the latest versions of WhatsApp beta for Android as well, ”found WABetaInfo.

WhatsApp is also launching an update to adjust the media shortcut option in the instant messaging system. The distraction was noticed by some users when they discovered that the media shortcut was not present for them. Facebook messaging app now fixes this bug with a new update.

Quick editing shortcut is already available when you open a photo, video, GIF but WhatsApp introduced a new sidebar when it opened most of the media last week. Some users have seen a new quick editing shortcut, wondering what I was doing because the shortcut didn’t work and we don’t really know why it was there, says WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo.

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