Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20170.1000 (rs_prerelease)

Good morning, friends! Microsoft has released a brand new pre-build of Windows 10 under the amount 20170 for Windows Insider program participants using the Dev channel (formerly “Early access”).

Full build number: 20170.1000. rs_prerelease.200710-1419.

Attention! For insiders using devices with AMD processors, this build will not be available due to a problem affecting overall performance. It might change in the very next update.

We remind you that Dev Channel builds that can contain quite unpleasant errors. If you need more stability, we recommend switching to Beta channels (Late access) or Release Preview.


The improvement in sound settings

  • Microsoft has previously mentioned that it intends to move many of the functions of the control panel to the new Settings app. As part of this process, the company updated the Settings > System > Sound > manage audio devices section so that you can now find out which device is selected by default. Go to the default communication device or default device to go to this section.
  • Also, the “volume mixer” has been updated, where there is a link to configure the sound of each of the applications. You can use it to redirect the audio output device for each application.
  • Microsoft will continue to improve this section.

Other insider updates

Microsoft Launcher 6 Release

Microsoft has announced the public release of Microsoft Launcher version 6. This version of the launcher is built on a new codebase, which has several new features, including personalized news, landscape mode, customizable app icons, Bing Wallpapers, and a dark theme. Numerous performance improvements have also been made to speed up a startup, reduce memory consumption, optimize power consumption, and improve the smoothness of animations. Download the new Android launcher from Google Play!


A personalized news feed is updated throughout the day, offering you the most relevant stories, thus helping you stay up to date.
Landscape mode. Microsoft Launcher supports vertical and horizontal orientation for improved usability.
Customizable icons. Give your smartphone a unique look with custom icon packs and adaptive icons.
beautiful Wallpaper. Enjoy daily new Wallpapers from Bing or choose your photos.
The dark theme. Reduce eye strain when using your phone at night or in low-light conditions. This feature is with the system setting of the dark theme in Android.
Improve performance. Now Microsoft Launcher launches faster, uses less memory, uses more battery power, and provides smooth animations.

Microsoft Launcher system requirements:

Smartphone-based on Android version 7.0 or higher;
You must download Microsoft Launcher from the Google Play Store. When loading, the selected default launcher will be replaced. Microsoft Launcher does not copy the home screen from a PC to Android.

Known issue:

  • Android 10’s built-in navigation gestures may not work on all smartphone models.
    The system dark theme is supported on devices with Android 8.0 and later.
    Installing third-party launchers is supported by default only on some OEM devices.
    After upgrading to version 6, you may have problems syncing notes.
    Notification indicators may need to be enabled again after upgrading to version 6.
  • The new version of Microsoft Launcher is being distributed gradually, so it may not be available to all users at this time.
    Improving the search on the taskbar in Windows 10
  • Microsoft recently introduced two improvements to the search bar in Windows that make it even easier to find the content you need.
  • Click on “Search” in the taskbar or use the Windows + S keyboard shortcut to look at the updated design of the search home page. The new two-column layout makes it easier to read and also provides access to “Quick Searches” queries, where you can quickly find out the weather, top news, and other useful information. To find other web results or go directly to a website, simply enter the relevant data in the search bar.

Everything is unchanged here.

  • The new layout is available in markets where the “Quick Searches” function works, namely the United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom.
  • Also, the Windows search bar now supports web search in the Netherlands. Users who have selected the Netherlands region and the Dutch language will be able to search the Internet directly from the search bar without having to launch the browser. Previously, this feature was only available in English in this region.
  • Note. This change is made on the server-side, which means it is available to all users using Windows 10 version 1809 and all subsequent builds.
    Changes and improvements
  • As part of the work on updating icons in Windows, insiders will notice a new icon for the Settings app in this build. The new icon looks great in the start menu, taking into account the tile changes made in build 20161.
  • While working on improving stability, Microsoft has disabled the “Notepad” feature, which allows you to keep Windows open during reboots and updates.

Known issues in Windows 10 20170

  • In the next update, if windows create its own GNU above 2.05 version it would be great.
  • We are working on a solution to a Problem where some Microsoft Store Games protected with Easy Anti-Cheat may not be able to be started.
  • We are working on HYPERVISOR_ERROR Bugcheck which crashes the windows screen.
  • We are investigating reports that the Update process hung on for a long time when trying to install a new Build.
  • We are aware of a problem where the Task Manager reports a CPU load of 0.00 GHz on the Performance tab.
  • We work on fine-tuning the tile animations for the Start menu to avoid colour deviations.
  • We are investigating reports that hibernation does not work for some insiders.

Fixed issues in Windows 10 20170

  • We fixed an issue that caused a flicker in the resizing of certain applications when they were snapped next to each other in Tablet mode.
  • We have fixed a problem that, when using an IME, caused the input to get stuck when the Left Mouse Button was pressed.
  • We fixed an issue that caused the master volume control in the sound settings to stop working after removing and reconnecting certain Bluetooth devices.
  • We fixed a Race Condition that could cause Update notifications not to appear or to appear several times in quick succession.
  • We fixed an issue that caused typing on certain keyboards to fail in the previous Build – thank you for your patience during the investigation.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause modification keys such as shift and Ctrl to sometimes be lost over a Remote Desktop connection.
  • We fixed a problem that caused a small number of insiders to encounter a problem where the startup could not be started in the previous Version.
  • We fixed an issue that caused some insiders to take more time to log out in recent Builds.
  • We fixed an issue that caused some insiders to notice that their screens were getting darker after upgrading to the last few Builds.
  • Microsoft download
  • Microsoft official website blog

We wish you a successful update