What is Facebook Pixel and How to Create Better Facebook Ads

What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook pixel is a tracking code tag that helps you measure how effective your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns are by monitoring the actions people take on your website.

Facebook pixel is a system that traces event activities on your website:

  • Add to cart
  • Pageviews
  • Time spend on your website
  • Purchase
  • Scroll depth
  • Checkout
  • Add payments methods
  • and more

Facebook pixel assists you optimize your Facebook advertising and assure that they are dispensed to the right targeting readers. By retargeting and remarketing your Facebook pixel, you can display ads to those which have hit your website, add payment methods, add to cart, and open a specific page.

Facebook pixel accommodates to completely conjecture the ads, what effect people produced after seeing ads. For example, the product has done bought and add to cart, if people have attached to cart your product and not purchase, you can retarget people repeatedly with Facebook Pixel so that the decision.

How does Facebook Pixel work?

The Facebook pixel operates in five-steps:

Install the Facebook pixel 

Produce Facebook pixels and continuing pixel tracking code on your website.

Data collect

Following joining the tracking pixel code, Facebook will begin receiving information regarding your site visitors.

Notice if people observe a particular product page on your website or attach something to their shopping cart, or bought the products, and additional projects combined.

Insights reviews

Build an audience

Practised the received data from the Facebook pixel, and build Custom Audience, Lookalike Audience, remarketing campaign, start the retargeting, target the most relevant audience.

Analyze events

Average exchange events to discover the most trustworthy Facebook advertising approach for your business.

Installing the Facebook Pixel on your website

The popular Facebook pixel operates likewise to the traditional custom audience pixel. Installing Facebook pixels on the website remains very easy. And you ought to connect Facebook pixel code supporting the <head> of your website and before </head>. In short pixel code, you must install within both head tag so that it resembles on each page of your website.

First of all, if you must not yet create a pixel code, you need primarily create your pixel code. To generate a pixel code you require to go to the event manager.

Tap Connect Data Source. 

Then choose the Web as a data source.

Later Add pixel tracking code

Facebook implemented three methods to attach the Facebook Pixel toward your website

  1. Practice a partner alliance (Shopify, WooCommerce, other partners), or tag manager
  2. Manually connect the pixel code
  3. Email guidance to a developer

Determine combination methods to install pixel code

Add the Facebook Pixel key to on website manually

The pixel code should continue supported on each page of your website. The most suitable spot to install pixel code is in the global header of your website. Resemble to <head> </head> under your website’s code also join your Facebook pixel code after <head> and before </head> in the midst of the header code.

Place that Facebook Pixel system to your website via developer

If thou become a web developer that has built or runs your site, you can likewise email pixel code including directions to place the Pixel Code from Facebook. You can choose Email instructions to developer selections.

Once introduced the code, you can practice the Facebook Pixel Helper extension after you’ve verified that it’s operating.

Begin building your Custom Audiences and custom conversions to begin advertising on Facebook.

How do I get a Facebook Pixel?

You can build a Facebook pixel code by understanding these 10 steps:

  1. Log in your Facebook account, proceed on the Facebook Business page.
  2. Continue to Event Manager under your Ads Manager account.
  3. Tap on Connect Data Source (Web)
  4. Choose Facebook pixel and click on Connect.
  5. Insert your pixel code Signature
  6. Attach your Business website URL
  7. Tick Continue.
  8. Determine integration methods moreover integrated pixel code
  9. Proceed to Data Source furthermore click Test events
  10. Enter your website URL then open Website

Following the website opens. When you ought to go to various pages of the website, following that you wish to check the activity back in the event manager. In the event manager, your order sees the action of the page you have visited.

How many Facebook Pixels I can do?

You can create up to 100-pixel code in your Business Manager account. But except you own several websites with various audiences, you don’t require many Facebook pixels.