Raid with Angry Vikings in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

The aim, pull out and then strike: Valhalla knocks the combat systems of the previous Assassin’s Creed into the ground.

With screams, a dozen of our computerized subordinates run into the settlement and dismantle the enemy soldiers. Quite honestly: we did not expect such a storm. That’s why we still cling to the railing of our sailing ship and watch in amazement What we have done.

Then, however, we follow the other Vikings and plunge ourselves in the battle of Beodericsworth. In this raid, we control the main character Eivor. The goal is clear: defeat all enemy soldiers including two or three elite warriors in close combat, plunder all treasure chests and then let’s go.

Not all natives are against us, but we are not welcome either. We fight against enemy Englishmen and bandits, partly also against other Vikings.

As part of the Raid, we get to know the new combat system like in a crash course. This differs visibly and noticeably from all predecessors: Eivor skin itself so unhindered by the enemy soldiers since no earlier series part can keep up.

The basic control is similar to the earlier series Parts so that we can start playing without a learning curve. But the feeling is different: with Eivor we hit unusually brute and jump from opponent to opponent with huge sets, to which we can now and then blow out even the very last Virtual spirits with a kick in the face.

But even a super-strong Viking chief has no unlimited powers: now and then our Alter Ego has to gasp for air and pause for a few moments – stupid when an enemy falls in our back.

This certainly happens, because the opponents also behave much more aggressively than in their predecessors. It even happens that an unnerved Opponent throws away his sword and smashes blindly at us with his shield. We fight back with an axe or with two axes in one hand. Ideally, however, the opponents do not get close to us.

Namely, if we kill them at a medium distance with bow and Arrow, which worked well when alluding. It seems strangely brutal-macabre to stop an onslaught in the middle of the run with arrows and see him fall.

Similar to last time in Odyssey, we can unlock extra weapons and attacks. At Valhalla, this is about one to three small throwing axes, which we simply throw blindly into the enemy flock after the cooldown and thus make our lives easier.


We need to activate these Skills via findable books. If we find several, we improve the skill level and at some point, we can even throw three throwing axes in quick succession instead of one. In Valhalla, we are also supposed to have the hidden murder knife on our wrist. When alluding, however, we only used the blade at a half-given location.

The world Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is extremely different from the two predecessors, after all, we are a few thousand kilometres further north.

Nevertheless, we did not have to walk through rain and fog landscapes but were playing in autumnal – colourful environments on the way.

That looked pretty cheesy in places – but in case of doubt, this is better for us with long game sessions than constant grey.

However, Valhalla is not idyllic throughout: in addition to the raid, we were able to complete one of the main missions as a female version of Eivor. We do not reveal the details of the plot here, but we were travelling in a small village, where half-burned corpses, horse carcasses and the like could be seen everywhere.

There are a few changes to the functions compared to the predecessors. At the push of a button, we can send a kind of sonar wave through the surroundings, so that we can see enemies with red borders through thin walls. We can also explore the world again with the help of a bird – in Valhalla with a raven named Odin.

We have only briefly dealt with the role-playing system when alluding. Among other things, there are talent trees reminiscent of Star Maps, which are divided into three areas. One is marked as a Wolf, but it is mainly about weapon science, about particularly strong archery.

In the area of the bear, we can optimize skills such as kicking opponents to death or activating special adrenaline thrusts. And Raven is about the assassination and sneak attacks, such as ambush attacks.

The Assassin’s Creed in the Viking scenario is set to be released on Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X, Google Stadia and Windows PC via The Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store on November 17, 2020-for next – Gen with console availability. It will also be published via Uplay + subscription.

Valhalla is to be available for the launch of the new consoles, however, that happens in practice. On Xbox, a feature called Smart Delivery allows you to play with a purchased version on both One and Series X. How this works on the PS5 is not yet known in detail.