Google BERT and Impact On SEO

Google announced a meaningful update in at least five years. This will be known as BERT and will affect about 10% of all search queries. Every digital marketing company should know about the new Google update. If you need to understand what this means for SEO and your business, in particular, check out this information about new updates.

What is BERT?

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformer. It is a natural language processing, intensive learning algorithm. It is designed for searches that are longer and more complex and that depend a lot on context. This algorithm has been developed to help machines better understand what specific terms refer to, rather than simply words. This will help to find searches that are dependent on a specific context they are more accurate in returns.

How will Google BERT update SEO and Business?

The impact of the BERT algorithm on SEO will certainly be seen in both web content that is well written and which is not.

Sometimes, BERT will bring a negative effect. Because many on-page SEO blogs and posts are written with keywords as the focus rather than content, the natural language processing that makes BERT unique will hinder the ability of algorithms to pick up this type of content. For users, this is good; The quality of search query returns will increase and better content will be displayed. For businesses or companies that do not prioritize the quality of their content, however, BERT updates can be bad news.
There are many ways to keep your business from suffering from the implementation of a BERT. The first is to make sure that your content is solid. While keywords will always be important, they will not be your only priority. The company that also produces high-quality content to suit the SEO needs of your industry will help you recreate your copy if you are concerned with the impact of BERT on your visibility.